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'Max' the poodle rescued by Fontana police from scorching car trunk

Jose DeJesus Gonzalez was charged on Tuesday with felony animal cruelty after Fontana Police officers were called to the 8200 block of Sierra Avenue in Fontana, California by a witness who saw a little apricot poodle being pushed into the trunk of a car reported a press release by the police department.

Max was saved from the trunk of a car where the temperature registered as 141 degrees.
Fontana Police Department

Officers were able to find the owner and rescued the dog from the trunk:

"Officer Jaime Simmons registered the temperature inside the trunk at 141 degrees. The dog was showing signs of heat exhaustion and had a temperature of 105.1 degrees. A normal temperature for a dog is about 99-100 degrees. Officer Simmons administered emergency heatstroke triage to save Max's life."

Max was then transferred to San Bernardino General Dog and Cat Hospital where he is currently being treated for heat exhaustion. He is reported to be extremely frightened, but is doing better.

Supervising Animal Services Officer Jaime Simmons posted another warning for pet owners reminding them that summer time is not the time to leave a pet in an automobile:

"As a reminder especially during the summer months, if is illegal to leave animals unattended in a motor vehicle. Even on a 70 degree day inside a vehicle can reach temperatures 20-30 degrees warmer causing potential life-threatening conditions."

If you see an animal left in a car and it appears to be in distress, please call authorities immediately. Your phone call could save a pet's life. Losing a pet due to heatstroke by leaving it in an automobile to die is a 100% avoidable tragedy.

Many thanks to the person who called the Fontana Police Department and saved this little poodle's life.

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