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Matt Noveskey talks life outside Blue October


Matt Noveskey of Blue October

What do you think of when you hear the name Matt Noveskey? Most would think of Matt Noveskey, the bass player for Blue October. Little is it known about the work Matt Noveskey does outside of Blue October here in the Austin music scene. Matt explains that and Blue October's current tour in a chat with Austin Music Examiner:

Austin Music Examiner: Most people know you as the bass player for Blue October, but what they may not know is that you have your own name here in Austin as a producer, with your own company NITF Productions. Talk about the work you do as a producer, and who you work with.
Matt Noveskey: Producing other artists and doing artist development is a huge passion for me. I work with several local and national bands. Some acts I work with include Language Room, Mahoney, The Vehicle Reason, Emphatic, Deep Ella, Dawn Over Zero and The Selfless Season. Things just keep growing on that front and the bands are coming out of the woodwork. There are so many talented artists out there and I’m proud to help facilitate spreading their work to the masses.
Austin Music Examiner: Do you do anything else on the side of Blue October? i.e. have a solo artist project etc...
Matt: I did have a band called A Plus Machines with some of my very best friends but we are all doing separate things now so it’s near impossible to get together for a show here and there anymore. I do perform solo acoustic shows quite rarely though. It’s a nice change of pace.
Austin Music Examiner: What other ties do you have to the Austin Music industry?
Matt: I’m pretty involved in the Austin music scene from living here and working in various Austin studios for a decade now. I get very involved in scouting young acts for the whole cultivating process. I have a lot of close friends here who are producers, engineers, studio owners and Grammy board members as well. Networking is a key ingredient to this profession and I believe in creating partnerships. Not the whole competition thing that seems to exist in other places like L.A. Austin is like a giant co op, and I love that.
Austin Music Examiner: Going to Blue October for a minute, the band is about to go on tour supporting suicide prevention right?
Matt: We are currently kicking off our suicide prevention tour to raise suicide awareness. It means so much to go tour for an actual cause. If you’re familiar with our content, especially lyrically, then you know how much this means to us. Blue October is all about honesty and not feeling alone. Sharing your deepest secrets and searching the darkest corners in an effort to find some sense of peace. To Write Love On Her Arms, The hope network and 1800suicide are organizations that are passionate about the same things we live for everyday so it made perfect sense to go out and do something that would hopefully make a difference.
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