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Matt Damon mulling leading role in 'The Martian'


According to an April 9, 2014 post on the Coming Soon website, Matt Damon is looking at starring in the film version of “The Martian,” the space adventure by Andrew Weir. However the project seems to have lost its director, Drew Goddard, due to other commitments.

Damon has been in space adventures before, including the dystopian film “Elysium” and the upcoming “Interstellar.” The idea is now to find a director with whom Damon would like to work with and then get the movie greenlit.

“The Martian” is the story of an astronaut named Mark Watney who is accidentally abandoned on Mars by his crew mates. The story is a harrowing tale of survival on a hostile world long enough until a rescue mission can occur. The story is a combination of “Apollo 13” and “Robinson Crusoe” informed by some of the most advanced scientific understanding about space exploration and the Martian environment. The book is in the best tradition of some of the hard science fiction works of Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein.