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Mat Staver: 'We must stop Obama's surrender of the Internet'

Fox News
Fox News
Mat Staver

In an April 3, 2014 column for BarbWire, Mat Staver insists that "There is a battle brewing in Congress over President Obama's plan to surrender U.S. oversight of key Internet functions to unspecified members of the international community."

Yup. It's this crap again.

It has been reported multiple times by this column that President Obama did not surrender control of the Internet to the United Nations; that he had actually done the exact opposite and gave oversight over to a nonprofit based in the United States.

It has been reported multiple times because the American Taliban is feverishly trying to lobby reality to change into a timeline where Obama did the exact opposite of what actually happened, first with Pamela Geller, then with Jay Sekulow, and a third time with Gina Loudon.

Now Mat Staver is now not only perfectly content to repeat this big fat lie, but actually tries to rally a movement against this nonexistent scandal:

This is a monumental mistake that endangers our national security and individual rights. It must be stopped.

Wednesday, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce began its hearings on this important matter, pledging to conduct “aggressive oversight following the recent announcement by the Obama administration on the future of Internet governance.”

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) told Fox News that giving up oversight of the Internet may be a ploy by the Obama administration to win international diplomatic favor, which Scott called a “bad decision.”

Tragically, this surrender of authority over the Internet is yet another of President Barack H. Obama’s misguided actions that will further undermine the United States’ power and influence in the world.

Freedom-loving Americans must urge congressional action to ensure that America's oversight of the Internet is NOT ceded to the international community.

"Freedom-loving" Americans need not worry, because the Internet is not being ceded to the international community. Mat Staver is lying to you, and no matter how many of the American Taliban's meat puppets they recruit to parrot this lie back and forth to each other, it will not ever magically stop being a big fat lie.

This is why the American Taliban is frequently referred to as being at war with reality. This is a claim that literally has no basis in reality whatsoever, and yet they continue to try to fight to get it accepted as fact anyway.

It will not happen. Not now, not ever. The American Taliban's war against reality can never be won.

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