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Massad Ayoob explains why George Zimmerman was the victim, not the perpetrator

I did not follow George Zimmerman's trial day-by-day. But, I remember hearing the testimony of the female medical responder who arrived on the scene shortly after the police. She described the injuries to Zimmerman's nose and head, and I said to myself that Zimmerman was innocent.

As stated, I did not follow the trial closely, and my opinion is just that, but Massad Ayoob followed the trial closely, and has been compiling a series of reports at his Backwoods Home Magazine blog. If you are not acquainted with Ayoob, check his Biography HERE. He is a sought out trainer, expert witness, and speaker.

The following is a compilation of his Zimmerman trial reports. Bookmark and check back, as there may be future updates.

1. The verdict

2. The "unarmed teen"

3. Who started it

4. The Stand your ground element

5. The gun stuff

6. "What if" vs "what is"

7. Why the jury didn't learn about Trayvon Martin

8. The quantity of injury argument

9. The propaganda factor

10. The semantics

11. Rating the lawyers (defense)

12. Rating the lawyers (prosecution)

13. Angela Corey

14. The judge

15. Talk at the scene, talk on the stand

16. The impact on the black community (added 8-29-13)

17. The cops (added 9-3-13)

18. Aftershocks (added 9-8-13)

19. Lessons (added 9-12-13)

20. ... And into the future (added 9-13-13)

The facts are in. The jury decided correctly. It is up to you whether you will accept the clear facts, or stand on illogical emotion. Standing on emotion means you help perpetuate the race problem. Yes, it is sad that Martin was killed in this incident, but the facts show that he attacked Zimmerman, and Zimmerman had every right to defend himself against this unlawful, felonious aggression.


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