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Massachusetts police chiefs demand more power to disarm citizenry

“Police chiefs rally for gun safety at the State House,” WWLP-22News (“Working for You”) “reported” Tuesday.

Boston Police Commissioner Evans doesn't think you need a rifle or a shotgun, so wants to use the power and force of his office to deny them to you.
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

“Reported” was put in quotation marks, because this thinly-disguised paean to state control begins with the biggest gun-grabber lie of all, that citizen disarmament provides safety, immediately followed by their lie du jour, that “There have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook,” a bit of manipulation and deception exposed for what it is by journalist Charles C. Johnson.

“The unusual public criticism by police chiefs comes after the Senate last week voted to remove a House provision giving chiefs discretion to deny firearms identification cards, required to buy shotguns and rifles, to people they deem unsuitable,” The Boston Globe explained. “They now have that discretion over licenses to carry handguns.”

Unsurprisingly, John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence, a “progressive” elitist-founded and funded propaganda group, accused the Senate of “placat[ing] the NRA instead of supporting law enforcement.” Longtime gun rights advocates will recall him as the founder of the failed Astroturf American Hunters and Shooters Association divide and conquer (via a fraudulent “middle ground”) gambit. Also unsurprising is that The Globe would give a multi-millionaire developer, who, despite his largesse and continued free mass media exposure, has only attracted (under) 3,400 Facebook “likes” on a page that’s been around since 2010. That in turn makes a mockery of Rosenthal’s refuted-by-reality claim that his pet nonprofit has “become [a] national model... for successful campaigns against gun violence...”

Had only the Senate listened to Rosenthal and to the top cops. After all, what’s to fear from what doctrinaire gun-grabbers call “reasonable, commonsense solutions to gun violence”? Besides, a spokesman assures us there’s no need for concern.

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association president Erik Blake said at the press conference that the provision giving police added discretion on firearms identification cards is ‘not about being capricious or arbitrary or taking away people’s rights,’” the Globe report continued.

That’s one side of the mouth talking. The other side shows what kind of “discretion” the chiefs are demanding.

“Having long guns--rifles and shotguns--especially here in the city of Boston, I think we should have, as the local authority, some say in the matter,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told Boston Public Radio (WGBH) in a July 23 interview. “For the most part, nobody in the city needs a shotgun. Nobody needs a rifle.”

Doesn’t that sound reasonable and commonsense to you, as opposed to capricious and arbitrary? It does to sly prevaricators in the Massachusetts Senate, dutifully parroted by “real reporters,” offering what they characterize as a “compromise.”

“We are trying to find middle ground,” Michael Barrett, a Lexington Democrat (naturally), who evidently does not recognize the absurd disconnect with his district’s heritage, offered (or that "middle ground" is exactly what Rosenthal said AHSA was offering). “We aren’t opposed on the Senate side to giving chiefs this flexibility but we want to see the legitimate rights of gun owners respected.”

In fairness, Evans certainly sounds flexible, as long as he gets to be the one who decides which rights are legitimate and respectable. Case in point, when he was selected to become a permanent bludgeoning tool for the power elites following the Boston Marathon bombings, he had this to say about his dismantling of the Occupy Boston encampment in 2011.

“Our motto is to kill them with kindness,” Evans declared.

What he intends to kill gun owners who defy him with -- after he gets that flexibility he seeks -- remains to be seen.


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