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Maryland My Maryland: gone and sadly not worth saving

Having raised taxes and squashed Constitutional rights Maryland lawmakers call it a session
Having raised taxes and squashed Constitutional rights Maryland lawmakers call it a session
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Interesting ritual, isn’t it… that whole balloons and confetti thing to signal “Sine Die” for the Maryland General Assembly session?
Sine Die, as you may know, marks the end of each and every gathering of Maryland’s lawmakers, leaving the citizens of the state poorer, lacking even more basic liberties and further beneath the thumb of an ever-strengthening one-party cartel.
Hardly a reason for celebration, unless one happens to be among the crowd of Gov. Martin O’Malley’s political cronies (see: tax subsidies for the wind farms) or lives under the mistaken assumption that radical liberal policies are – or ever will be – a successful course of governance.
Sine Die, loosely translated as “Suck it, taxpayers,” normally signals a victory only for our overpaid, part-time legislators, who can now return to life among the constituents they’ve managed to screw for the past 90 days – and, sadly, not have to pay with their jobs for such bilking next election cycle.
There is a respected, Annapolis-based publication that likes to follow-up the annual ninny-scattering with an itemized list of those deemed winners and losers based on legislation passed (and not passed) over the last three months.
We can dispense with the winner (and yes, singular because there truly was only one) post haste: Governor O’Malley.
Nestled among the roughly 600 pieces of… ahem… legislation passed was every single one of importance – or, more specifically, of importance to upping his hard-left cred – to our governor.
When the confetti settled (look closely, it’s torn-up tax dollars that were meant for the transportation fund), Gov. O’TaxandSpend had seen to it that the limited gun rights Marylanders already ‘enjoyed’ were all but eliminated; that the death penalty was eradicated so society’s most heinous criminals didn’t have to be; that the poor and middle-class would be saddled with an 87-percent increase in gas taxes; that wind farms were not only aesthetically-pleasing but that they also made great St. Patrick’s Day gifts; increased spending by billions of dollars and still stands by the falsehood that his administrations have cut spending; and that The Dead, man, are now the official State Band.
Just kidding about that last one, but our sycophantic lawmakers did throw in medicinal marijuana at the last minute, enabling O’Malley to potentially score the elusive Wavy Gravy vote in the 2016 New Hampshire primary.
The only thing left for this guy to do to emerge as an even more solid presidential darling for the liberals is to sport a Che Guevara t-shirt while visiting Hanoi with Jane Fonda.
Okay, Jalalabad with Bill Maher.
Still, one can hardly blame the guy. If you knew in advance you had four aces would you not play your hand?
O’Malley’s high cards were delivered last November when voters upheld – via referendum – the governor’s hard push for same-sex marriage, in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and expanded gambling.
Those victories not only emboldened this governor, but also offered the sort of political capital elected leeches dream of - like men dream of Kate Upton - only those fantasies are less pornographic.
Still, for the smarmy, unctuous statist that he is, Gov. O’Malley wasn’t able to check items off his socialist to-do-list all by his lonesome.
While the governor was choosing posturing over governing his zombie-like followers – those General Assembly members with the glazed expression, the “D” next to their names and the emaciated look thanks to the lack of eatable brains in Annapolis – had bellied up to the Kool-Aid bar and poured themselves a double (beverages are also provided by taxpayers – be thankful they didn’t order growlers).
Never in the history of Maryland government has there been a more-willing bunch of spineless sheep to bleat ‘yea’ every time this governor demanded they do so.
Well, at least not since last year’s General Assembly session.
Apparently, the local yokels our fellow Marylanders elected are either a) under the assumption that just because the governor is a Democrat his wants are not to be questioned b) convinced that economic and Constitutional freedoms are no more than ‘cute suggestions’ or c) as dumb as a head of cabbage.
All of the above is also an acceptable answer.
Yet, if watching them “work” didn’t leave one scratching six layers of skin off one’s noggin’, listening to the nonsense uttered in the session afterglow was nothing short of implausible.
“[It] was the most successful legislative session of my lifetime,” boasted Senate President Mike Miller, obviously in possession of a different dictionary definition of “successful” than those who pay taxes, drive cars, ride buses, have children, work for the private sector, shun rewarding those here illegally, value the Constitution, don’t want their utility bills increased, are tired of feeding the government beast, and own canines that are much more intelligent than those who voted on (and failed to pass) dangerous dog breed legislation.
Then we had the Montgomery County Democratic senator who, while drunk on the deaths of children in Newtown, CT jumped aboard increased gun control legislation, then followed up the passing of Maryland’s new gun control tyranny by saying “this bill will save lives.”
What Sen. Brian Frosh failed to mention was that Maryland’s new gun legislation would not have prevented the Newtown shooting.
A Montgomery County Democratic delegate circulated an email proclaiming Session 2013’s “important victories for Maryland’s families and our economy,” ignorant to the facts that show gas taxes disproportionally affect lower-income households and increased regulations are driving small businesses away by the thousands.
She also was blindingly unaware that the gun grab law was potentially sending a Prince George’s County weapons manufacturer – and its hundreds of employees - over the state line.
Then again, it is Montgomery County, so we may have to change that to blissfully unaware.
But state-sanctioned idiocy was not only limited to the ‘big ticket’ items, this legislature is still convinced it can legislate common sense (the banning of smoking in a vehicle with an 8 year-old in the car); force us to pay for the entitlements in Obamacare (The Maryland Health Progress Act of 2013 that will provide taxpayer-subsidized healthcare to 730,000 uninsured Marylanders); opened the door for increased voter fraud thanks to expanding early voting and making available same-day voter registration; enabled teachers unions to collect more non-member fees; passed a food allergy awareness bill that requires Maryland restaurants to designate a “person in charge,” who will watch an approved video educating them on food allergies; passed a ban on the distribution, possession, sale and trade of shark fins, proving that even if a law only affects a dozen or so fisherman and restaurants no small business is safe from over-reach and intrusion by this state’s sorry excuse for a government.
Alas, all did not go as planned for the 188 trunk inhabitants of Maryland’s political clown car. Not only did the soft shell crab fall short in its hopes to be designated the state sandwich, but the bill to increase the fines for stealing a shopping cart never made it out of committee.
For those Marylanders who aren’t members of the ruling class, there is little to be championed in the wake of the 2013 General Assembly Session.
Thomas Jefferson - you know, that evil white slave holder who dared think the Constitution was the rule of law - once said that, “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."
With that quote in mind, perhaps Sine Die can indeed be interpreted as merriment for the electorate. Break out the balloons and confetti, folks, now that Session 2013 is behind us we can rejoice in the news that Maryland is no longer the place for responsible, free, small government citizens, and celebrate as new neighbors with the tens of thousands of people who now call themselves ex-Marylanders.


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