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Mars mystery rock: Random rock materializes before Opportunity rover, a 'shock'

A Mars mystery rock has space experts utterly bemused this week, as a strange rock has seemingly materialized out of thin air before the Opportunity rover. Called a real “shock” to scientists back here on the planet Earth, the reason for the stone’s appearance in front of the rover on Mars seems inexplicable at this point in time. Guardian LV News describes the supplementary information surrounding this interesting and unexpected find this Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014.

The mystery rock on Mars
Courtesy of UniverseToday, Image File

The Mars mystery rock has taken shape right in front of the Opportunity rover this week. To make matters even more mysterious, the space explored technology is motionless, so how an inanimate object like a rock appeared there remains a head-scratching question. The rover landed on the Red Planet back in 2004, and has not moved in weeks because space researchers wish to wait until better weather conditions off on the distant planet are more conducive to sight-seeing and information-tracking.

While the rover sits silently on the edge of a massive Mars crater, a new black-and-white photo (that has been colored by some capable enthusiasts) and taken earlier this Jan. now reveals that a strange and inexplicable rock has appeared. The source of the stone, say shocked scientists? No idea yet, but they hope to put forth some theories within the next several days while working together.

The Opportunity rover was conducting a thorough analysis report in the Cape Darby area of the Red Planet when the machine was put on hold and suddenly filmed this materialized Mars mystery rock. The stone was not in any prior images, and there is no evidence of anything (or anyone) placing it there. The foreign object is being called the code name “Pinnacle Island” and is expected to be part of some major scientific study and thought-making in the coming weeks.

“Most of all, NASA wants to figure out how the rock got there in the first place. Two theories have been estimated to determine the arrival of this unexpected surperise. Either the Opportunity somehow managed to turn up the stone while it was moving over Mars’s surface, or the rock was blown right out of the ground by a meteorite impact and happened to land next to the rover. It is mostly thought that the rover is to blame for the rock’s sudden appearance, although NASA admits that is just a guess. Apparently, the Opportunity’s front right steering has become out of commission, and that could have somehow caused the large stone to become dislodged and caused it to land in the position it is showing up in.”

This Mars mystery rock that has suddenly emerged before the silent Opportunity rover may remain something of an inscrutability and "shock" factor for now, but maybe time will hopefully provide some answers soon enough.

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