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Mark Bunker announces release of Scientology Knowledge Report

Today, March 29, 2014, television journalist and Emmy Award winner, Mark Bunker, says in a video posted by Karen De La Carriere, “I hope to see you soon in the lobby of a theatre showing Knowledge Report.”

Bunker is “making a documentary about Scientology’s spies, lies, and the eternity prize.”

“The film will take a look at Scientology’s beliefs, but more importantly, concentrate on how corporate Scientology behaves, and it’s a pretty shocking story. For decades now, Scientology has abused and defrauded people, torn apart families through their policy of disconnection, emptied out parishoners bank accounts, and forced staff women to have abortions,” states Bunker.


“The most dedicated members sign a billion year service contract to work for the church, coming back lifetime after lifetime, working a hundred hours or more a week for little or no pay. And if they do something that upsets the management, they can be tossed into essentially a prison camp called the ‘Rehabilitation Project Force’ (RPF), where they will stay for months or years without any contact with their families.”

Bunker started Xenu TV in 1999 and moved to Clearwater, Florida where he produced videos for the Lisa McPherson trust. Bunker's site states that it gets one million hits per month.

In 2008, Bunker posted a video to YouTube critical of the Internet-based group "Anonymous" and asked them to tone down their campaign against the Church of Scientology; a movement called "Project Chanology". In the video "Message to Anonymous", Bunker urged the group to work legally and pursue peaceful ways to protest Scientology.

Mark Bunker harassed when Scientology officials made a citizen's arrest:

On February 24, 2009, Bunker was arrested while photographing the arrest of another individual who was protesting against Scientology outside of the organization's Gold Base compound near Hemet, California. Police allege that the two individuals arrested were blocking the entrance to the facility, but according to The Press-Enterprise: "protesters say they were neither trespassing nor blocking the entryway". A protester was arrested, and Bunker said that while he was photographing police deputies arrest the individual, he was arrested as well. The protesters were released the same day, and the Riverside County District Attorney dropped the case because of insufficient evidence.

In May 2013, Mark Bunker was once again harassed and intimidated by Scientology’s John Allender and police at the opening of David Miscavige’s, Portland Ideal ORG church.

Tony Ortega’s ‘Underground Bunker’ reported scene by scene as Bunker was intimidated:

“Bunker called us a few minutes ago, giving us the news. “I’m really upset,” he said, and his voice sounded shaky. “They put so much fear into the owner that he decided he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.”

“Then, he told us, “A police officer just asked to search my bag for weapons.” He then hung up.”

He soon called back: “The police just searched me. I’m outside on the street right now. I just posted a video of them searching me on my channel.”

Numerous videos are posted on ‘The Underground Bunker’ of Mark Bunker being harassed and intimidated by Scientology and police, including an incredible story by Ortega of Bunker’s persistent attempts to film David Miscavige.

In August 2012, Examiner, David Love, interviewed and filmed Bunker at the Narconon Arrowhead protest in Oklahoma while he [Bunker] was filming footage for his documentary, ‘Knowledge Report’. It was a media frenzy with numerous TV Station reporters. Bunker suffering from heat exhaustion, continued to film until he nearly collapsed. Park Rangers picked him up and helped cool him down – suggesting he go to hospital.

Mark Bunker seen in this Video sitting on the hot roadway in front of Narconon and picked up by Park Rangers:

Bunker is also seen filming more ‘Post-Narconon’ protest footage with Colin Henderson. Although Bunker had a long, exhausting day at the Narconon Arrowhead filming, he still had his usual smile and humorous comments.

In an on camera interview with Bunker:


“You came all the way from San Diego – was it well worth the trip?”

Mark Bunker:

“Absolutely – my god, I’m amazed at the experience … and I just did this terrific interview with Colin … I think you’ll enjoy seeing it when it [Knowledge Report] gets out there. In the film, there will only be snippets of these interviews.” Bunker says he’s interviewed more than 30 people for his film.

Referring to his documentary film, he stated: “I’m hoping that with Scientology, there will be an end to the story sometime soon.”

Today, in Karen De La Carriere’s YouTube video announcing that Bunker’s film, ‘Knowledge Report’ will be released soon, Bunker comments about Scientology’s promise to make people “superior human beings” – able to control all of the upsets in your life. Even to control matter, energy, space and time.

“But if that’s the case,” says Bunker, “Why hasn’t Dianetics and Scientology helped the very men at the top … L. Ron Hubbard and now David Miscavige are both truly flawed individuals. In fact, David Miscavige has reportedly been beating people underneath him.”

Mark Bunker goes for a ‘Scientology Stress Test’ and refers to Miscavige as “Slappy” – a term used often by many critics.

In Scientology’s ‘The Hole’, the unofficial nickname of a facility where senior executives have reportedly been confined within a building for months or years, defectors from the Church say that “leader David Miscavige began to publicly slap, kick, punch or shove executives at the base who had angered him.”

As Mark Bunker’s documentary film nears its’ Premiere in theaters for millions to watch, will Scientology attempt another “Operation Freakout’ type attack against Bunker? In 1971, Tower Publications, Inc. of New York, published Paulette Cooper’s book, “The Scandal of Scientology -- A chilling examination of the nature, beliefs and practices of the "now religion.”

The church responded by suing her in December 1971, demanding $300,000 for "untrue, libelous and defamatory statements about the Church.

However, over 4 decades have passed since Scientology’s "Operation Freakout" and other attacks against critics and Mark Bunker is indeed, a determined and persistent journalist and film maker – one who documents facts, not fiction.

Mark Bunker hosts a website: “Xenu TV

David Love

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