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Mardi Gras partygoers take letters from the sign at University of Loyola

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Reported today, school officials discovered their sign Loyola, to be missing letters (LOYO) the morning of the world wide celebration, Fat Tuesday.

According to news video from WDSU, they believe thieves took those letters because they can be used as the acronym (YOLO), made famous by Rapper Drake, meaning "You Only Live Once" found in his song 'The Motto'.

Only nubs were left behind, rubble of white concrete left after the thieves removed them from the very bottom of the statute plate where they once stood tall for everyone to enjoy. Wonder how much they cost to replace?

The university said, it is hopeful to catch those who are responsible, but does not have any reported leads.

The school reports that this isn't the first time they have had issues with this letter sign. They said, usually issues arise from people hanging on, or sitting on them while taking photos, and the accumulative pressure put on them make the letters stress or crack. But they have never seen the letters actually uprooted.

YOLO -- look what's back, the letters. Some took to twitter to show photos of the freshly placed letters, much brighter in contrast to the two not stolen.

It seems it didn't take more than a few hours before the university replaced the stolen letters. Wonder if any cell phone video footage will soon surface showing the thieves and their shenanigans?