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Marcome takes you down the River of Soul to The Seven Seas

Marcome - Seven Seas

When you hear Marcomé's music, you notice one thing immediately,  tranquility has engulfed you, right down to your soul.

With sounds from nature, such as the birds and water in 'River Of Life',  Marcomé takes you on a journey, to far away places and deep into yourself.

Lyrics that are pure poetry, she relates her emotions, other times purely using her voice as her instrument,  she is able to convey her message hidden in the song without a word. 

Marcomé (pronounced Mar-ko-may) is no newcomer to the world of ambient and New Age. Performing for over a decade, her uplifting sound has delighted many, a sound she coins as New World. Combining sounds from nature, the far regions of the world and many cultural tempos layering them with her ethereal vocals, she is weaves a tapestry, a warm and comforting blanket in which to wrap yourself in.

As inspiring as her songs are, you would have to wonder, what inspires Marcomé? "There are many ways in which I compose new songs, yet one of my most inspirational moments is when I’m in motion, like when I’m traveling or running or riding a bike…I watch the horizon moving like a film in my head, the clouds in the sky with the sun shining through, the trees, the birds...It inspires me."

Marcomé is a true Indie Artist, producing, arranging and engineering her musical work. She is a keyboardist, programmer and sound engineer as well as a proficient percussionist. As for her vocals, "I started playing with my voices when I bought a 4 track recorder. I had heard 10cc - 'I'm not in Love' and was under the spell of the airy voices in the middle of the song. It triggered me and I searched for that vocal texture. I ended up singing with myself and never stopped!"

Marcomé does enlist the help of others, to handle some of the sounds she is not proficient in. "When I cannot render a good execution (which would be the case with guitars or saxophone) I hire the specialists!"

She also worked on many arrangements with Ron  Montanaro.  " Ron is a very intuitive and sensitive creator. He’s used to my way of working which is to do the melody and the singing all framed up and than to put the lyrics in. In other words, he has to find words and expressions to fit in the already existing chant. Most composers will create their music according to the lyrics; I work the other way around most of the time.
When I send him a song, there are some words already sung in it. I give him the intention, the feeling and he does his magic by reading my emotions and rendering them in the most poetic way. He not only has a talent for words but he also makes my voice sound so much better by the use of proper syllables and consonants"

To hear the end result is beyond words. One of their collaborations “Yeku” was released worldwide to critical acclaim and landed on many radio stations and music televisions Top 20 play lists.

When asked "If you had to pick just one song, which song best reflects Marcomé?" She quickly answered.
"Nostrie Tiempo from River of Soul is a mixture of all the musical worlds I like to dip in. A merge of genre, classical chant, world beat, airy vocals and sfx vocals by the end. That's my cup of tea!"

So grab yourself a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, kick of your shoes and curl up with "River of Soul" and "Seven Seas" in your player, and rejuvenate your spirit.  'Breathe' ...

Marcomé is currently blogging daily, working on a third CD, a new video with her son, and is going to be releasing a special project for those who follow her on Twitter.

"I'd like to thank the people from all over the world who wrote to me over the years on Myspace, Twitter, LastFm, Facebook, Youtube and on other social medias. I'm grateful to you for you inspired me to pursue my quest for a better world! Take care, you deserve the best," - Marcomé

“Music at its best is a gift!  Its  form of self-expression that has the ability to touch someone deeply.  Its a human connector, a way to better live our emotions, to get in touch and to touch others.” - Marcomé