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Marco Rubio is correct: Obama policy invites illegal refugees

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At a time when America’s capacity to accommodate refugees and immigrants is greatly constrained, President Obama and Democrats have pursued the wrong approach and policy. What makes it wrong, and why are they going down the trail they are on?

Answering the last question is easy. Democrats need and want Latino votes and will do almost anything to get them, whether it is responsible or not. They are cloaking their dangerous opportunistic political actions under the banner of compassionate liberals, but that doesn’t fly.

Here is a list of reasons why President Obama is wrong and Marco Rubio is correct.

  1. President Obama’s words and actions send a message that refugees will be given time to plead their cases for visas.
  2. President Obama has been most aggressive in deporting illegal immigrants, while concurrently crafting contradictory programs like the Dream Act that provide younger immigrants an opportunity to stay.
  3. President Obama’s foreign policy in Central America has neglected the root causes of poverty and crime there.
  4. President Obama failed to address what Fox News reported as “ambiguities in U.S. law that have resulted in human traffickers persuading families to hire them to deliver their children from their violent neighborhoods,” attributed to Rubio and Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández.

Now, the oddity in the story is that Rubio had advocated a plan that would have granted amnesty to 11+ million illegal immigrants. For that, his immigration reform legislation was shot down and he was removed from the Republican marquee for presidential candidates. Had his legislation been supported by Republicans, Rubio and his party would likely be resting strongly in the polls and could very well have defeated Democrats.

“Rubio defends his immigration plan, calls Obama's policy a 'lure' in Central America

Published August 03, 2014

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, pressed ahead Sunday with his multi-step immigration-reform plan, amid criticism that conservative voters have forced him to backtrack on comprehensive reform.

“I didn’t get elected to watch national poll numbers,” the first-term Republican senator said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Rubio said Washington has to address the “root causes” of the immigration issue, which has now turned into a crisis situation with tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American youths coming into the U.S. illegally along the country’s southern border.

He said those problems include a 2008 law intended to protect children from non-bordering countries against human trafficking and President Obama’s 2012 executive memo that defers deportation to young people brought illegally to the U.S.

Rubio pointed out that Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández has said the ambiguities in U.S. law have resulted in human traffickers persuading families to hire them to deliver their children from their violent neighborhoods.

“It’s serving as a lure,” he said.”