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Many in America are leaving the country or joining the Free State Project

PorcFest 2013
PorcFest 2013
Free State Project

As freedoms decrease and the dollar’s losing its buying power, more and more people are fleeing America before hard times hit. Ex-pats are not anything new, but interest in leaving has recently picked up. Record numbers of residents have lost all faith in restoring the U.S.A and are making the tough choice to move.

George Donnelly from Shield Mutual said “I saw no future for myself there, among the Wacos, the OK cities, the taxes, permits and urban decay of Chicago. I decided to get out and see what kind of a life I could make for myself elsewhere. It wasn't an easy decision, but I am thrilled that I found the courage to do it. It has changed my life in unforeseen ways. I am happier, healthier and wealthier today because of it. I wouldn't trade my experiences of living in Japan and Colombia for anything.”

Farmer Frank W. Szabo from Freedom Orchard commented, “I left because I did not think that there was anything else that I could do which would make a real difference. I did not feel that my family, or our assets, were safe any longer.”

Traffic on websites that promote leaving America before it’s too late is way up. International Living and The Dollar Vigilante are popular sites and discuss the pros and cons of starting a new life overseas. Confidence in America’s politicians and government is at an all time low and the conversation of expatriating is now a legitimate topic coming up at family dinner tables.

Many families recognize the loss of freedoms but refuse to leave the states. Instead they are deciding to make a last stand via the Free State Project. The Free State Project is an effort to have 20,000 peaceful liberty loving activists to move to New Hampshire to reduce the roll of government in their lives.

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