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Mandates, freedom, and religion

The Supreme Court passed a decision today by a 5:4 margin that said that a closely held non profit corporation whose owners founded the enterprise based on religious beliefs cannot be forced to provide certain health care provisions under the Affordable Care Law because that would violate their right to religious freedom. It is a narrowly-defined decision, and one that will surely invite more litigation down the road. That is due process.

Supreme Court decides in favor of Hobby Lobby
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The result underscores the importance of winning presidential elections because presidents appoint Supreme Court Justices. It also underscores the importance for citizens to elect representatives to Congress who will legislate their points of view.

Healthcare mandates that force such things as abortion coverage are worth arguing about.

Freedom is surely worth defending. That includes the freedom to be religious if you wish, and to not be if you want.

The freer we are as a society the better off we are, generally. However there are many caveats. Here are some:

  • Rape and incest are not freedoms, and the consequences produce victims that include women and potentially unwanted children.
  • Women who become pregnant and who cannot care for their children, or who did so without intention may deserve recourse to abort.
  • Women who don’t believe in abortion should not be forced to experience it.
  • Religious beliefs that deny others their rights should be illegal.
  • The freedom to bear arms is like religion in that you can hold your beliefs in your holster, but as soon as you aim and fire them at others you have crossed the line.

Obamacare was passed with good intentions and established a national standard for healthcare. Republicans who opposed the law offered no solution to the problem and no national standard.


This is big.

Moments ago, the Supreme Court ruled to protect our First Amendment right to free speech and religious freedom.
This is a clear and decisive defeat against ObamaCare, and a victory for the rights of all Americans.

The central issue of the case brought by Hobby Lobby and other family businesses was whether the federal government can coerce Americans to violate their deeply held religious beliefs. President Obama unconstitutionally demanded that businesses and organizations with deeply held religious beliefs give up on their principles for a misguided one-size-fits-all health care policy.

Thankfully, the Court has upheld the proper limits on the government's power — and struck a blow to ObamaCare's intrusive mandate.

This is a significant blow to ObamaCare. The Court ruled against Obama’s intrusive and misguided ObamaCare mandate and in favor of personal liberty.

Americans deserve a health care system that allows them to make the right choices for themselves, gives them more freedom, and comes nowhere close to encroaching on their First Amendment rights.

ObamaCare is exposed and vulnerable. The time is NOW to join with the Republican Party and demand an end to ObamaCare so we can start over with a principled, constitutional health care system.”

Email from Reince Priebus

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