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Mandated defenselessness of Md. shoppers highlighted in mall shooting

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Three people, including the suspected killer, are dead after a shooting in a Columbia, Md. Mall, CBS Baltimore reported Saturday.

Indirectly reported, but not specifically articulated, was the utter unpreparedness and helplessness of everyone in the mall when the shooting started, something compounded by both mall policy and state law.

“This mall is committed to providing an enjoyable shopping experience for our guests,” The Mall in Columbia states in its Code of Conduct. “Activities [that] will not be accepted” include “Violation of the law,” such as “Any activity that threatens the safety of our guests, tenants and/or employees.”

Among the specific cited prohibitions singled out in the posted rules: “No firearms or illegal weapons.”

Not that the ban isn’t practically superfluous in the self-designated “Old Line State” and “Free State.”

Maryland is what is known as a “may issue” state regarding the issuance of concealed carry permits. That means the state may not, and that’s been the actual practice, rendering it for the most part a “no issue” state. And while a challenge to that in the Woollard case was initially decided in favor of plaintiffs at the U.S. District Court level, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that decision and the Supreme Court elected not to hear the case.

The bottom line is, Mall in Columbia shoppers were caught up in a “double whammy,” between state laws and mall rules, and were totally at the “mercy” of any who ignore them. As has been seen in other “gun free zone” shootings, such killers can count on disarmed victim pools enabling them to do whatever they please with the lives of other human beings, up to and including destroying them, all under sanction of “public servants” who require their employers to be disarmed.

UPDATE: Dave Workman explains how "Maryland mall shooting further erodes gun control myths."


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