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Man who beat his dog with boxing gloves arrested for animal cruelty

Asani Woods (left) and Johnny Dominick (right)
Asani Woods (left) and Johnny Dominick (right)
Booking photos

According to Monday's New Orleans Times-Picayune, a Violet, La., man is facing a charge of aggravated animal cruelty after a video surfaced of him beating his pit bull with boxing gloves until the dog was unconscious.

The St. Bernard Sheriff's Office arrested 21-year-old Asani Woods for the abuse which was captured on video in December. Woods can be seen in the video wearing boxing gloves and repeatedly hitting the dog, named "Tiger," who cries throughout the horrific ordeal.

Woods is then observed picking up the apparently unconscious dog and slamming her to the ground.

Deputies were led to Woods after discovering the video on the cell phone of 21-year-old Johnny Dominick, who admitted to filming the abuse. Dominick was in custody on drug charges when he told the authorities that he had taken the video - after his admission, he was also charged as a principal to aggravated cruelty.

Though Tiger survived the brutal beating, she was killed in January when Woods took her to the ASPCA and requested that she be put down because she was "overly aggressive."

According to the Sheriff's Office, Woods was "surprised" that there were concerns over the abuse on the video, telling deputies that it was just "me disciplining my dog." Woods was "disciplining" the dog because she had made a mess in the house.

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