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Man crawls off plane: Claims Delta forced him to crawl

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A disabled man crawls off plane and is suing Delta. D. Baraaka Kanaan, 40, claims that he endured this two times recently. According to The Inquisitr on August 1 2013, he has filed a lawsuit against the airline.

"Kanaan is suing because he says he “endured physical and extreme emotional suffering” from the incidents."

When a man crawls off plane that should be a major embarrassment for the airline. The fact that it happened twice is inexplicable. Kanaan claims the first occurrence was on his arrival from Hawaii in Nantucket. The second time was on the return flight to Hawaii.

Kanaan said that he called ahead, weeks in advance, to arrange for a chair to get him on and off the plane, plus a lift to get him into and out of his seat. On both flights he claims that Delta failed to provide these items and he was forced to crawl down the aisle on his hands and knees.

After the man crawls off plane multiple times he be due some kind of compensation. The airline offered him a $100 travel voucher and 25,000 Delta SkyMiles. As ridiculous as this sounds, it only served to motivate Kanaan to press on with his suit.

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