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Malaysian government brings in witch doctors to find missing flight MH370

From conspiracy theorists to locals at the nearest watering hole—everyone has an opinion about the missing MH370 flight. On Thursday, the Malay Mail website said that government officials had invited three witch doctors earlier in the week to find the missing Boeing 777. On Monday, three witch doctors performed their rituals in front of international media. Although, the ceremony didn’t lead investigators any closer to solving the mystery, it did attract ridicule to Malaysia as the rituals traveled across Twitter and Facebook.

Witch doctor Ibrahim Mat Zin performed a ritual to find the missing Boeing 777.
The Malay Mail website

Ibrahim Mat Zin, one of the three witch doctors says the plane has traveled into the “alam bunian,” a Malaysian term for a spiritual world occupied by the supernatural.

Clearly, not everyone in Malaysia appreciated Zin’s support. Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim says it’s an embarrassment to the country. In a speech, he asked “Can’t you see how stupid we look in the eyes of the world?”

Anwar said the government’s contradictions and slow response have destroyed any credibility of the country. He also told the media:

“There must be a full investigation into this event because it has humiliated us and tarnished our image.”

For now, no one knows where the missing plane is. Read more about this mystery at the Malay Mail website.

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