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Malaysian crash math not enough for American's partner

American passenger Philip Wood......shown with girlfriend Sara Bajc.
American passenger Philip Wood......shown with girlfriend Sara Bajc.
Good Morning America

Sara Bajc, the partner of American passenger Philip Wood, said she isn't persuaded by the Malaysian government's math that there are no survivors from the Boeing 777 flight from Kuala Lumpur which vanished into the Asian night March 8, according to CNN news today, Thursday, March 25, She told Erin Burnett that the plane could've landed somewhere.

That has been the working hypothesis of General Thomas McInerny from the start. McInerny, who earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, theorized on Fox's Sean Hannity show the plane was hijacked by Muslim terrorists and landed somewhere.

Bajc, for her part, said, "I do believe it's still a possibility, because there's no contradictory evidence to that being a possibility. Even the satellite data that's been pushed forward to show or to demonstarate that the flight took the southerly route, they're really just still guessing. I mean, this is not something that anybody has ever done before. So, you know, as brilliant as those mathematicians are, they really don't know. They're only analyzing the date that they have. They don't really know for certain."

She further said the wording of the text message sent by Malaysia Airlines to passengers' families made her think they were going to present evidence the plane had been found. She was expecting bodies to be found. She was surprised that all the prime minister of Malaysia did was to extrapolate the data and say everyone was dead "beyond a reasonable doubt."

She attacked the statement as being irresponsible.

Bajc, who is a teacher in Beijing, said Wood boarded the plane to help her pack her bags. She was going to move with him to Kuala Lumpoor, according to ABC News. Wood is an IBM executive.

She has been posting love letters to him on Facebook. In one message she said, "I hope you are able to get some rest where you are and they are feeding you. Any chance they are serving you white wine?"

She also said she wasn't a conspiracy theorist. She further said she wonders if some of the "leads" have been planted as distractions.

Today the search area was changed once again based on yet another satellite analysis. Maybe Sara has a real basis for her doubts. Who knows what "facts" will be changed tomorrow by the Malaysians.

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