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Malaysia Flight 17 passenger Cor Pan predicts plane crash on last Facebook photo

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One man’s Facebook page has gone viral, if not for the eerie final status updates that have been shared more than 9,000 times and counting on July 17. That’s because Cor Pan was reportedly a passenger on the doomed Malaysian Flight 17 that was shot down near the Ukraine border near Russia by a surface to air missile.

“If it disappears, this is what it looks like,” translates the caption beneath the photo that has been shared virally on Cor Pan’s Facebook page. Interestingly, Bing translates Pan’s words even more poetically and perhaps fatally. “He was allowed to disappear, so does he see her out,” reads another translation beneath the photo of the plane, emblazoned clearly with Malaysia on the side and yellow cords running beneath the belly of the plane as it is being serviced prior to takeoff.

Indeed, many of Pan’s Facebook status seem prophetic. “Mind your step, mind your step,” reads the previous status update from the man listed posted 12 hours ago, approximately 5 a.m. ET on Thursday, the day the fated plane went down. Initially, the list of comments beneath the Facebook photo appear to be simple well-wishes coming from friends, family and loved ones, all innocuously hoping for a happy holiday break for the passenger. One person urges him to take his cell phone along on the trip, saying maybe they’ll see each other again.

Pan himself replies beneath some of the comments, speaking about a mobile data packages and the like. Then the comments turn from “Have fun!” salutations to the serious, with one person writing that they will never forget him. “Cor and Neeltje we will never forget you rest in peace,” writes one comment, perhaps the name of his wife, whom Buzzfeed confirms via acquaintances was also with him on the flight. Others write that the foreboding status update left them speechless, with goose bumps, reminding us of the power of words, and what this reporter was once cautioned that was never forgotten: “Be careful what you present.”