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Malaysia Airlines flight search could cost hundreds of millions of dollars

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The Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared could cost hundreds of millions of dollars when it comes to the search for the missing plane. According to ABC News on March 13, the cost to find the Malaysia Airlines flight could dwarf how much it cost to find the Swiss Air Flight that crashed in Canada in 1998.

The numbers come from Allan Diehl, a former crash investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration

The Malaysia Airlines flight disappearance happened off the coasts of Malaysia and Vietnam and has ships and aircrafts trying to find any sign of the plane. The problem is that no one really knows where to look. There is no evidence of a crash and it has been six days since the plane disappeared.

According to one expert, if the search has to head to the bottom of the Ocean, and the target is thousands of miles of water, it could easily cost hundreds of millions of dollars to try to find and recover that wreckage. Until that wreckage is found, there is no evidence of what made the Malaysia Airlines flight crash, if indeed it did.

Because the Malaysia Airlines flight is missing, and no evidence of a crash has been found, the investigation has no choice but to continue, which will start to raise the cost of finding out what happened higher and higher.