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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 killed 295 people

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 debries
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 debries
YouTube/video screenshot/Darto Suyadi

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was reportedly crashed in Ukraine Thursday, July 17, 2014, based on the updated news from Yahoo Philippines; MH17 was allegedly shot down by rebels. Yahoo identified the nationality of the passengers; based on its released data, there are 154 Dutch national, 6 British, 23 American, 23 Malaysian, 24 Australian and 15 Malaysian Crew.

Reports added that Fifty (50) people are still unidentified in the crash site. A few hours ago, Noah Sneider, a CNN reporter, describes the scene as gruesome with bodies displayed out. He said the plane exploded in the air, bodies rained down in pieces. The Ukrainian government promised to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the incident.

The tragic incident on air involving Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 has become one of the hottest topics online a few minutes after the confirmation of Ukrainian government. The micro-blogging site Twitter is now flooding with tweets that sympathizing the victims and their relatives. They are offering their prayers not only to the victims but also to the Malaysian Airlines. As you all know, the world is still grieving for the loss of 239 passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Reports said the airline was allegedly crashed in the Indian Ocean while others believe that the airline was hi-jacked. But despite the issues and concerns regarding the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the authorities are still giving their best effort to find the aircraft.

And now, several months after the disappearance of Flight MH 370, Malaysia is facing another tragic incident; and like what the reports said the 295 passengers and crew of MH17 are all dead. If the reported hi-jacking for the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 is true or not, the authorities should work double time and present the report immediately to the world to make necessary action.