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'Magic: The Gathering Online' lawsuit hasn't 'changed anything' for MTGOTraders

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Earlier this month Wildcat Intellectual Property Holdings filed a lawsuit against Wizards of the Coast claiming that the Hasbro subsidiary "violated its electronic trading-card patent" with "Magic: The Gathering Online." The company "seeks injunctive relief to stop the alleged infringing activity," which in a worst case scenario could mean shutting down "Magic Online." Such an action would render every player's collections, some of which are valued at thousands of dollars, worthless.

I caught up with Heath Newton, owner of arguably the largest "Magic Online" card store, for his thoughts on the matter.

David Leavitt: "Will your company be buying less "Magic Online" singles from players or reducing your buy prices to mitigate potential risk?"
Heath Newton: "I do not foresee this lawsuit getting very far and have not changed anything about my business due to the lawsuit nor do I plan to."

If anything, Newton sees the lawsuit as an opportunity.

"If you know anyone selling out because of the lawsuit you are welcome to send them my way."

Readers: Are you worried about rising booster pack prices if a court rules a monetary judgment against Wizards of the Coast or that "Magic Online" might shut down?

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