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'Magic: The Gathering' cosplay: Female Jace cosplay by Aranel Cosplay (Photos)

Wizards of the Coast's popular trading card game "Magic: The Gathering" has a vast history of storylines spanning twenty years. It's plethora of unique characters with stylish attire also make it a ripe target for cosplay. We caught up with Aranel of Aranel Cosplay to talk about her female Jace cosplay.

Jace cosplay
Jace cosplay by Aranel

"Tell us the story behind your "Magic: The Gathering" cosplay. What made you choose this particular Planeswalker and how long did it take you to create the costume?"
"I adore Jace. He is my favorite Planeswalker and pretty much the face of "Magic." I wanted to make this costume since I started playing, but it always seemed such a daunting project and I wanted to do it perfect. I thought it would be quite a funny twist to gender-bend him because blue mana is all about control and illusions. I asked Polish Tamales for a female design and I got one! I made the costume in 4 days because it was a spontaneous decision to finally do it after some other plans fell through. I have some improvements to make and hopefully will get a new shoot and some photos."

"When did you start playing "Magic?" How did you get introduced to the game?"
"I started playing during the "Shards of Alara" block. I was a member of a table top gaming society at my university. It was there I watched friends play "Magic" for the first time. They taught me the basics and I was hooked ever since! I attended my first prerelease for "Zendikar" with them."

"How often do you play?"
"I used to play every week, going to FNM, then drafting again at the gaming society on Tuesday. Sadly I'm in the final year of my Ph.D. and don’t have much time anymore but I still try to make it to prereleases!"

"What's your favorite "Magic" card?"
"Oh my so many. As a playable card? I really like from the original Elspeth, Knight Errant from "Shards of Alara," and you can’t beat a good ol’ White Knight. (I’m also a sucker for anything that Steve Argyle has done the art for)."

"If you had to pick a favorite set, which would it be?"
"Definitely "Portal Three Kingdoms." It's so gorgeous! I love the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" mythology, and I'm trying to collect all of the face character cards in English. I'm actually doing pretty well with it!"

"Do you identify with a particular "Magic" player profile?"
"I'm definitely a good mix of Johnny and Vorthos! I like to build silly decks with themes or ridiculous win conditions. I also own all the "Magic the Gathering" comics published at this moment, and of course...I cosplay characters from across the Multiverse."

"Have you aligned yourself with one of the ten guilds?"

"Do you prefer playing in limited or constructed?"
"I prefer both! It depends on the type and the mood I'm in. I would say that more often I prefer sealed deck."

"What is your constructed format of choice?"
"Commander. Easily."

"When it comes to building your "Magic" decks, what matters the most to you? A theme or being competitive? What are you brewing right now?"
"I like to win, I won’t deny that, but I do also like to have fun whilst doing do. I do love theme decks XD. As for what I am brewing now...I’ve wanted to build B/W for ageeeeeeeeeeees now. I just can’t find the time! I also was trying to build a new Commander deck with angels."

"Do you think you have an advantage as a female "Magic" player?"
"Not that I have come across. I think you actually have to work harder, to prove yourself. Everyone is lovely in my local area though! Scottish players are awesome."

"Would you date a professional "Magic" player?"
"I wouldn’t date them just because they were a professional "Magic" player if that is what you are asking. It would definitely be interesting, but I think I would be too competitive for them though XD."

"What's your perfect Valentine's Day gift: Mox Pearl or a pearl necklace?"
"Please. Mox Sapphire."

"Tell me something about yourself related to "Magic: The Gathering" that nobody else knows."
"I love to collect cards! I have a collection of every art version of every Planeswalker printed (50% of which are foil). I’m only missing the new Planeswalkers from "Gatecrash" at the moment (Domri Rade and Gideon, Champion of Justice)."

"Do you have any current or upcoming projects you'd like to share with readers?"
"I am currently making a Liliana of the Veil cosplay! It should be done sometime this month (hopefully)."

"Are there any websites or social media networks that fans can follow your work on?"
"Sure! My cosplay page and my Tumblr I am most active on those : )."

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