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'Magic: The Gathering' cosplay: Avacyn, Angel of Hope cosplay by Lyz Brickley (Photos)

Avacyn, Angel of Hope cosplay by Liz Brickley Cosplay
Avacyn, Angel of Hope cosplay by Liz Brickley Cosplay
AOP Studios

Wizards of the Coast's popular trading card game "Magic: The Gathering" has a vast history of storylines spanning twenty years. Its plethora of unique characters with stylish attire also make it a ripe target for cosplay. We caught up with Lyz Brickley to discuss her recent Avacyn, Angel of Hope cosplay. You can check out the individual pieces used to pull off the set, along several other of her cosplays in the attached slideshow.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Wizards of the Coast

"Tell us the story behind your "Magic: The Gathering" cosplay. What made you choose this particular Planeswalker and how long did it take you to create the costume?"
"It took me about two weeks to create my Avacyn cosplay. I was really drawn to the character because the card art is so beautiful. I love the angel art in "Magic: The Gathering," and Avacyn is one of my favorites."

"When did you start playing "Magic?" How did you get introduced to the game?"
"I played a little bit of "Magic: The Gathering" when I was a kid, but nothing serious. My husband re-introduced me to the game about a year and a half ago when "Innistrad" first came out.

"How often do you play?"
"I consider myself to be a pretty casual player. I usually play on weekends with friends, and the occasional FNM or pre-release event."

"What's your favorite "Magic" card?"
Chaos Confetti from "Unglued" is my favorite, because I think the card is really funny and I like its back story."

"If you had to pick a favorite set, which would it be?"
""Return to Ravnica" is turning out to be pretty awesome, I really like the guild aspect."

"Do you identify with a particular "Magic" player profile?"
"If I had to pick one stereotype, I would say I'm a Timmy (but I do have a little bit of Spike in me)."

"Have you aligned yourself with one of the ten guilds?"
"Yes, I chose the Selesnya Conclave. I really like the populate mechanic."

"Do you prefer playing in limited or constructed?"
"It depends on my mood. I have a lot of fun with limited at prerelease events, but it's also really fun to stomp my friends with my mono green beatdown deck."

"What is your constructed format of choice?"
"I mainly play Standard because that's what most of my cards are."

"When it comes to building your "Magic" decks, what matters the most to you? A theme or being competitive?
Most of my decks are competitive, but I am always lusting after that "Twilight" holographic vampires deck

"Does your gender give you an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to Magic player?"
"No, I've never felt that way."

"Would you date a Magic player?"
"I definitely don't consider being a "Magic" player to be a negative."

"Would you rather receive a Mox Pearl or pearl necklace?"
"Definitely a Mox pearl."

"Tell me something about yourself related to "Magic: The Gathering" that nobody else knows."
"Ok, I hope I don't jinx myself by telling you this, but I am super lucky and I always pull bombs in limited."

"Do you have any current or upcoming projects you'd like to share with readers?"
"I am currently working on a "Borderlands 2" mechromancer cosplay, and a small side project for the "StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm" launch."

"Where can fans follow your work?"
"My cosplay progress can be followed at I live stream games regularly at Other social networking sites include and"

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