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Madonna tweets ‘Fascism is still alive in Venezuela’

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That’s correct, apparently the material girl has a lot to say via Instagram and Twitter since the outburst of protests in Venezuela.

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Reported today, Madonna posted an unflattering photo of Nicolas Maduro on her Instagram account, the current president of Venezuela along with her comments calling him out as a fascist. Really though, did we expect anything less from an internationally known icon? Yup, she vehemently made two comments holding nothing back about her opinions of Maduro's leadership, or lack thereof.

“Apparantly Maduro is not familiar with the phrase "Human Rights"! Fascism is alive and thriving in Venezuela and Russia. The Ukraine isn't far behind! #wakethef**kup#revolutionoflove,” the material girl said. Not very virgin like, right? But that hasn’t stopped more than 56,000 people from liking her comment. That's more followers than some Facebook pages have. That same day she linked her Instagram post to her Twitter account.

With more than 17,000 retweets, and more than 4,000 favorites, her tweet made national news. She tweeted, Maduro hasn’t a clue what “Human Rights” is. Man, did she get right to her opinion by also stating, “Fascism is alive in Venezuela.”

It appears that Maduro has not made an ounce of progress for Venezuela since the death of Hugo Chavez. In fact it is so bad, deadly protests have been ongoing for days.

One of the latest ways Maduro has tried to control the protests was by an allowed shutdown of news coverage of the political unrest, which incited more protesters to come out. More than 1,000 students came out against the dictatorship happening in their country. Seems like Madonna might have it right.

Imagine if the U.S. Federal Telecommunication Commission went along with shutting down a few news media broadcasts because the president wanted all Americans to agree with his idea of government. American citizens wouldn't let that happen. Oh wait, that has actually taken place, it was reported today. Yes, that’s right -- American news agencies might be semi-controlled, but let’s hope it’s not to the same degree as fascism is still alive in Venezuela.



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