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Luis Rodriguez dies: Police brutality? Man beaten by cops killed outside theater

A man is beaten down and killed by cops outside theater
A man is beaten down and killed by cops outside theater
Twitter, KFOR News

A man named Luis Rodriguez died this week in a possible case of police brutality outside of a movie theater. The man was beaten down by cops following a call regarding a domestic disturbance, and the family’s lawyer is saying that their excessive force “may have killed him.” The Epoch Times reports this Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014, that officials are now waiting on autopsy results and looking over the video of the restraining before passing legal judgment.

In rather violent photos and video footage of the incident, Luis Rodriguez dies headlines hit major news sites today following the Oklahoma man being pinned down by police authorities outside a Moore movie theater. No less than two cinema security officers and three police officials were called in over a case of domestic disturbance.

According to the press release, it was Nair Rodriguez — the wife of Luis Rodriguez — who first got into a physical altercation with her 19-year-old daughter. Their shouting match eventually escalated to the mother striking her child.

By the time the footage starts rolling, Luis can be seen being struck to the ground by the officers. One is restraining the man’s head while a few others continue to pin him down as the law enforcement authorities proceed to handcuff him. While Nair is frantically asking just what happened on the video, she spins around and questions her husband Luis’ status, saying that he isn’t moving. She goes on to shout that the police killed him, begging for someone to verify whether he’s all right.

Now, the Rodriguez family has hired an attorney, Mr. Michael Brooks Jimenez, to take on the troubling case of potential police brutality. At this time, he said it remains unclear as to why the officers assaulted Luis and pinned him to the ground using violent restraining force, as the original argument occurred between the 19-year-old daughter and her mother Nair.

As cited by the source’s lawyer, why Luis Rodriguez dies is possibly because “the five officers knocked him unconscious and then may have killed him.”

Autopsy reports following the man’s death are still pending. At this time, the three police officers called to the scene of the domestic dispute outside of the movie theater are on administrative leave.

While Luis Rodriguez’s death is tragic, one past homicide investigator and private investigator who has seen the footage says that it does not appear to him that police brutality took place, as excessive force was not used. He states:

“This is pretty benign as far as police procedure goes. Everything is textbook. I don’t know what happened before.”

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