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LPO's Charlie Earl mocks Kasich on 2014 SOTS — 'John ... Try walking the walk.'

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Democrats and other critics of Ohio Gov. John Kasich gathered across from Medina High School Monday afternoon to protest the administration just two hours before Ohio's 69th governor delivered his 2014 State of the State address.

Charlie Earl didn't mince words in his rebuttal to Ohio Gov. John Kasich's fourth State of the State Address Monday from Medina. He told Kasich to "Try walking the walk."

Dubbed by organizers as the "Real State of the State," a group estimated to be as many as 200 people listed to speaker who spoke for the approximately 31,000 more Ohioans who are unemployed compared to a year ago. With millions of Ohioans looking for work, and the state trailing the nation in job growth, speakers included a laid-off direct care worker from Gallipolis, a steelworker from eastern Ohio, and a 7th grade teacher in Medina, said Gov. Kasich’s policies have made it harder for middle-class families all over Ohio.

Although no protesters gathered who specifically represented the Libertarian Party of Ohio, a third-party group that Gov. Kasich and a friendly GOP legislature tried but failed to keep out of the race this year due to a favorable ruling by a federal court judge, LPO's candidate for governor, Charlie Earl, offered his written rebuttal to the hour-plus SOTS address Gov. Kasich delivered to the approximately 1,130 people who filled the high school auditorium.

Earl, who qualified for the primary and fall ballot last week and who one reliable polling outfit says could capture as much as six percentage points from disgruntled Republicans and independents, took Kasich to task on expanding Medicaid through an "end run" around the legislature, increasing state spending by 20 percent and failing to curb the disruptive influence of federal government on Buckeyes and Buckeye businesses.

Gov. Kasich said that the government works for the people, not the other way around. "Well, John, we have to question the sincerity of that statement because your 'end run' with Medicaid expansion violated the wishes of 66 percent of Ohioans who rejected any form of Obamacare (aka: ACA) implementation in Ohio. Try walking the walk," Earl said.

A one-time Member of the Ohio House and unsuccessful candidate for Secretary of State, Earl dished out criticism to Kasich for Ohio's poor performance on his watch, starting in 2011. "We are Ohio, and this is unacceptable. We have 11.5 million resourceful and creative citizens in our state, and we should be THE leading star of economic growth and prosperity in this nation," he said, whereupon he proceeded to cite reasons for the state's lagging performance.

Earl's four Kasich failures:

"One: Ohio should be a leader in our country, but sadly too many of our political leaders have chosen to be followers. We all know that the federal debt, national budget and federal regulatory environment are out of control and counter-productive for Ohio’s prosperity. Yet, our elected representatives choose to play along with an over-reaching and ineffective federal monster rather than resist its unconstitutional and anti-individual liberty measures that restrict our freedom to grow and prosper. Ohio’s representatives and our state constitutional officers were elected to serve the citizens of our state, not to enable and advance a huge expansion of the federal government.

"Two: Related to my previous point is the unwillingness of Ohio’s government to reject unwise interference from federal bureaucracies. They intervene in our individual lives, our businesses, our property, and our choices. Yet, we hear very little from our state officials as the federal government abuses our liberties time after time. State officials have a constitutional obligation to interpose the power of the state between an overly aggressive federal government and the citizens of Ohio. Our state, as represented by our elected officers, has a duty to protect us from Big Brother so that we may achieve our full potential as Buckeyes—so that we can work, prosper and lead the nation out of its economic doldrums. Ohio’s officials should shield us from federal over-reaching—not bend over and watch us suffer. It is time to be BOLD.

"Three: While it is important that the state create an environment that encourages new businesses, expansions and opportunities, the best method for achieving that is too minimize regulations and red tape AND dent federal interference. Creating an agency that is unaccountable, unable to be audited, and chooses winners and losers—as “Jobs Ohio” does—is a big-government, crony-oriented response to a situation that requires more freedom and openness. Our goal should be to limit the footprint of government in private development—not make it a major player while hiding behind a veil of secrecy.

"Four: The Governor’s end run through the Controlling Board to expand the Medicaid portion of Obamacare is illustrative of the failure of leadership in Ohio’s government. Anyone with a scintilla of good sense knows that the costs for Ohioans will grow astronomically in a few years. Although the expansion decision was claimed to be motivated by compassion, it was wholly political. You see, my fellow Ohioans, the bill will come due AFTER the Governor and many other political people have left office. The Governor gets “the good-guy award,” and we get to hold the bag when it crashes."

Earl, who is not expected to win the race this year but who could help topple Gov. Kasich in a three-way race with Democratic candidate Ed FitzGerald, said the former 9-term Congressman has a "love affair with big government involvement for every aspect of our lives." Using the strong arm of government to force people to follow one man’s vision is not compassionate, Earl said, observing that it's "a career politician’s greatest enterprise: legacy building. The old politician gets the legacy and the monument, and later generations get the bill."

Earl's so-called "Bold Ohio" campaign is about restructuring the tax system "so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive." A plan to recapture and repurpose the rusty abandoned industrial sites throughout our state, is being formulated, although no details were offered. Open markets, crops and opportunities for the state's agricultural sector is a priority for Earl.

Earl said all Kasich's initiatives are as meaningless as "lips on a chicken" if the federal government isn't stopped from interfering unnecessarily in the lives of individuals and how business is conducted. "Tagging along with bloated federal programs while adding numerous statewide schemes is not the formula for long-term success—or for individual liberty," Earl said.

He called on Gov. Kasich to stop "adding initiatives and bureaucracies because each of them arrives with its very own huge tape dispenser." Gov. Kasich called for another round of income tax cuts, in an attempt to reduce the income tax rate below five percent. "He [Kasich] talked glowingly of his tax cutting, and while I applaud the elimination of the death tax, raising taxes on our energy developers in Ohio merely shifts the burden from the income tax to the gas pump and the electric meter," Earl said.

Earl noted that during Mr. Kasich’s term so far, he has failed to keep faith with them by increasing state spending by more than 20 per cent for his first three years.

"Yes, Ohio will do better when Ohioans are doing better. A Bold Ohio will turn loose the potential of our friends, neighbors and families without siphoning their sweat to enlarge big government," said Earl.

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