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LP wants in on 2016 presidential debates

The good news for political libertarians is that Our America Initiative and its honorary chairman Governor Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate, has launched a campaign to open the 2016 presidential debates to all legitimate candidates.

Governor Gary Johnson is the Badass Honorary Chairman of the Live Free Project
Our America Initiative/YouTube

The problem, of course, is that the presidential debates have been run since 1987 by a private organization called the Commission on Presidential Debates which was founded by a cadre of Republicans and Democrats, is run by a cadre of Republicans and Democrats, and is funded by special interests who buy, manipulate, control and own Republicans and Democrats.

Before then the debates had been sponsored by the non-partisan League of Women Voters. But when the two major party candidates attempted to dictate nearly every aspect of how the debates should be run, including nonnegotiable selection of questioners, the composition of the audience, access for the press and other issues the LWV opted out.

Ever since then the so-called "two party system" became a one-party system, especially when it came to controlling the faux presidential and vice presidential "debates." Any wonder the only presidential candidates to participate in these debates since 1987 have been Republicans and Democrats (with the exception of 1992 when Ross Perot bought his way in)?

Yet some people still think that America is a two-party system.

Our America Initiative is campaigning to crack open the closed door and give the country a true multiparty system. "To kick this campaign off," their email says, "the Our America Initiative must raise $50,000 -- soon."

It's already all over social media with a website, a Facebook page, a YouTube Channel, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Meetup, a crowdfunding campaign on and donations being accepted via PayPal and

None of this will mean much to voluntaryists and agorists who refuse to vote on the premise that government is violence and voting simply aids and abets the violence. However many people new to libertarianism are familiar only with the Libertarian Party and still see value in participating in the political arena.

Many non-voting libertarians began as LP members before moving on into the larger, better-nuanced world of the Modern American Libertarian Movement.

The Libertarian News Examiner has long advocated that all libertarians of all types and stripes should use every nonviolent weapon in their arsenal to teach, preach and reach out to others with the libertarian message – politically, philosophically, socially, culturally, educationally, economically, academically, artistically, ad infinitum.

Supporting Our America Initiative is one more way for some libertarians to do just that.

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