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Low UFO reported in remote New Mexico town

The Mule Creek, NM, witness was alone in a rural area when the lights first appeared and he decided to follow them on April 29, 2014.
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A New Mexico witness in Mule Creek reported watching and following two silent, blue-white lights moving slowly about 300 feet off the ground beginning about 11:16 p.m. on April 29, 2014, according to testimony in Case 55894 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness had gone to a barn to check on animals in this remote area when the lights were first seen.

"There were two blue-white lights, arranged like headlights, but much larger, floating slowly out of the canyon and into the valley, at about 300 feet elevation, and maybe 300 yards away, seeming to follow the road," the witness stated. "The lights blinked occasionally. There were no port/starboard lights or strobes. I was thinking maybe it was a helicopter, so I turned off the engine of my car, but there was no discernible noise, other than wind. It was very, very windy."

The witness said the lights moved closer to his location.

"The lights moved closer and I would estimate that they moved at about 10-15 mph. They stayed parallel and in the same plane. I pulled out my binoculars which I keep in the car for observing my cattle, etc., but couldn't make out any shape or profile."

As the lights passed behind his home, the witness decided to follow the lights in his vehicle.

"The lights proceeded to the south-southeast slowly, and when I pulled out of our driveway, I was parallel to it, and pulled into the road to pursue it. It was to the east of my location, still moving very slowly and very low, over the hills. I kept my speed at about 25 mph, thinking that I could intercept it out on the highway. And I thought to myself, 'And then what?' and began to be a little intimidated."

The witness continued to follow the lights.

"After I had traveled about .30 mile on the dirt road, the lights veered directly east and disappeared behind a low hill. I have lived here for 30 years and figured out about where I might intercept it, so I went to the highway - NM Hwy 78 - and proceeded east for about 4.5 miles, but didn't see it any longer. I drove up to a higher vantage point, but didn't see it anywhere."

The witness was nervous about the event.

"I felt very nervous suddenly and started to tremble. I had had another 'encounter' in 1992, but this time, I felt a lot more intimidated, and though the curiosity and desire to pursue is there, I am quite uncomfortable. I am very tired, but not sure I can sleep tonight. As curious as I am, I wish this hadn't happened. I hope all my cows are there in the morning."

Mule Creek is an unincorporated community in Grant County, NM. New Mexico has a current UFO Alert Rating of 5 with a low number of recent reports nationally. New Mexico had 3 UFO reports in March 2014 - the 40th highest reporting state - while California had 103 reports - the highest reporting state in the nation. The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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