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Low carb diets win over low fat diets for weight loss in multiple studies

Feast on low carb, high protein, high fat foods for weight loss.
Feast on low carb, high protein, high fat foods for weight loss.
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Should you count calories or count carbohydrates if you want to win at weight loss? The answer, based on multiple studies: Low carb diets result in significantly more weight loss and fat loss, says expert William Lagakos, author of "The poor, misunderstood calorie: calories proper" (click for details).

In a recent blog, Lagakos cites four studies confirming that restricting carbs is the way to go:

  • In one study, those who consumed an average of 163 grams of carbohydrate per day lost 8.6 pounds of body weight while those who consumed 97 grams lost 18.7 pounds during a six-month period.
  • In another study, lasting 24 weeks, those who ate 171 grams lost 10.3 pounds, while those who ate 133 grams lost 15.2 pounds, and those who ate 107 grams lost 15.6 pounds.
  • In the third study, lasting 36 weeks; those who ate 186 grams lost 5.7 pounds, those who ate 131 grams lost 9.9 pounds.
  • And in the fourth study, those who ate 138 grams lost 10.3 pounds, 181 grams lost 3.5 pounds, 195 grams lost 4.8 pounds, and 197 grams lost 5.7 pounds.

In addition, researchers have discovered that these diets maintain muscle mass while reducing fat: Learn more by clicking here.

A variety of plans that give you guidance on cutting carbohydrates exist. What they have in common: You'll reduce your intake of carbohydrates while eating more protein and fat. On plans that are ketogenic, such as the Atkins diet, your body forms ketone bodies.

The result: Your body burns stored fat for energy. You speed up weight loss while avoiding the desire to snack continually that can occur on high carbohydrate diets. You can sample a day on the Atkins diet followed by Kim Kardashian by clicking here. She's credited it for helping her to lose her carb cravings while shedding more than 50 pounds.

But it's not just dieters who are turning to these plans. An increasing number of NBA players, including Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, are using Paleo-style gluten-free diets to boost their energy and health: Learn more by clicking here.

As for concerns that high protein, high fat diets will result in heart disease and high cholesterol? No evidence, say health experts such as Professor Tim Noakes. He's fueled his own high protein, high fat revolution through research studies: Read about his views by clicking here.

If you want to try it, consider investing in the following books (click the links for details):

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