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Low carb and Paleo diets best for weight loss: Gluten-free helps inflammation

Gluten-free products such as bread must conform to new guidelines.
Gluten-free products such as bread must conform to new guidelines.
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

If you're still eating cereal and toast for breakfast while struggling to achieve your weight loss goals, several new studies have revealed why. Researchers have discovered that gluten-free low carb diets and Paleo plans provide the best ways to lose weight, reported Newsmax Health on August 18.

For years, consumers have been told to follow low-fat diets. But now new research shows that when you replace foods such as high fat, zero-carb butter and beef with low-fat, high carb jam and bread, you are more apt to gain weight and develop conditions such as diabetes.

And while high fat low carb diets win for weight loss, experts emphasize that quality counts. Dr. Brett Osborn advises that dieters focus on healthy fats such as fish, olive oil, nuts flax seed and grass-fed beef.

"Eating fat does not make you fat," Dr. Osborn stated. "Carbohydrates, on the other hand, drive insulin levels up. Insulin is an inflammatory hormone. And while we do need it to repair ourselves and to build muscle, it has very very sinister effects and deleterious effects on our health."

One challenge for those on Paleo, low carb and other gluten-free diets: A lack of regulation on gluten-free labels. Now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cracking down with new guidelines for food manufacturers, reported Dr. Mercola on August 18.

Although the compliance deadline was August 5, check the manufacturing date carefully. Products not in compliance still may be available on store shelves and online.

In addition to celiac disease, gluten sensitivity can cause problems for many people. Some studies indicate that diets high in grains are linked to dementia, and Dr. David Perlmutter describes why he believes that eliminating all grains is essential in his book "Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers."

Grains as well as sugar cause inflammation, making conditions such as autoimmune disease worse. A new study showed that going gluten-free boosted weight loss while helping with a variety of health issues, reported on August 18.

The researchers evaluated mice that consumed a high fat diet. One group's diet contained gluten, while the other group of mice ate gluten-free food.

The gluten-free group of mice lost more weight. They also had improved glucose levels and reductions in inflammation.

For Dr. Terry Wahls, a gluten-free Paleo diet is essential for controlling her multiple sclerosis. She reflected on what she has learned about the use of food as medicine in an August 18 column for the Huffington Post. Dr. Wahls is the author of “The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine.”

As her disease progressed, Dr. Wahls decided to see if changing her diet could help. "After 20 years as a vegetarian, I gave up dairy, grains and legumes, and went back to eating meat," she recalls.

Dr. Wahls gradually refined her Paleo diet, combining ancestral health guidelines with a high fat low carb ketogenic diet. "Within three months of starting this new diet and lifestyle, my fatigue was gone and I no longer needed Provigil, the medication I had taken for five years to treat MS-related fatigue," she said.

"At six months, I could walk throughout the hospital without a cane. At 12 months, I completed an 18-mile bike ride with my family. The following year I did a trail ride in the Canadian Rockies," revealed Dr. Wahls.

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