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Loving pit bull couple survives the forest and now impounded in Ventura County

Beautiful pit bull couple found in the forest
Beautiful pit bull couple found in the forest
July Stark

Ventura, CA: This beautiful pit bull couple was found braving the wilds in California at National Forest in Frazier Park.

"The female appeared blind" and the male was caring for her and stayed by her side. They were taken to a local vet and then animal control was called even though the vet office had space to keep them safe from a high kill shelter.

These are very sweet according to their, walk well on lead and are very young.

These two dogs do not deserve to die. Please help save them.

These two loving dogs are now at Ventura Animal Control.

Aubri Lancaster

• 2 hours ago
If I could request another couple of edits, you say "high kill shelter" but this shelter is a NO Kill shelter. If you do not accept that, at least you should be able to accept that it is not "high kill." Perhaps a compromise would be "to keep them out of the shelter." (Though I also take exception with expecting a vet to act as a rescue and keep the dogs in their care when we have a No Kill shelter available for them to send the dogs do, but at least don't call VCAS a "high kill" shelter.)
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Aubri Lancaster 2 hours ago
I saw that you changed the title of your article, that is a huge step and is very much appreciated.
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Aubri Lancaster Cindy Marabito • 2 hours ago
Since when is the burden of proof on those being written about rather than the person doing the reporting? Why is it not your responsibility to verify your facts before writing your article? If I were to contact the shelter and get these numbers for you, you would still be getting them from a third party. Why do these articles not suffice as a method of delivering these statistics? The only way you are going to be completely 100% confident in the numbers you are looking at is if you contact the shelter yourself. I understand you're very busy, so is the shelter. By sharing this article with misinformation about this shelter you damage their reputation and make it harder for them to continue to help animals that come through their doors. Why would you not want to do everything you can to support shelters who work hard to maintain a No Kill status?
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Aubri Lancaster Cindy Marabito • 3 hours ago
Would you be willing to edit your article with the new information about Ventura County Animal Services as being a No Kill shelter? It can actually hurt rather than help local dogs if people think that dogs taken to the shelter will only have 3 days to live. This is just not true at this amazing shelter. We have several local rescues that work diligently to pull from this shelter and the shelter workers are amazing at promoting their dogs! This shelter deserves an article talking about their program to get dogs day trips to the beach or senior centers! Or how they work WITH local rescues rather than against them to get dogs with special needs extra attention. Please don't let people believe that this is just another heartless shelter. I swear to you as a member of the local rescue community, this is a shelter that all others should model theirs to be just like! Please don't let people think anything less!
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Aubri Lancaster bus0205bus • an hour ago
That was a misunderstanding by the author of this article. This is NOT a High Kill Shelter, it is a NO Kill Shelter. These dogs absolutely need a home and we should all network them to do so, but not because they are about to be killed, that is not the case.

Aubri Lancaster

Here's another one:
"These two loving dogs are now at Ventura Animal Control, sent to death row two days ago, August 6, 2014. California law only protects impounds for 72 hours so these dogs are in danger of being killed."
They will not be available until August 10th, so this is inaccurate. It is also very inflammatory language to say "death row." Why don't we reserve that for the dogs that are actually on a kill list? How about "These two loving dogs are now at Ventura Animal Control and will be available after August 10th and we need your help to get these l overs a home."

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Hi Cindy - again to point out some other mis-information in this article: It was actually the combined efforts of the local veterinarian (in Kern County) AND the US Forest Service law enforcement officer who went out together at dusk to rescue these dogs. The law enforcement officer stated that it is in their handbook to just 'dispatch' the dogs and he felt that was very inhumane. He was able to lure the male dog in to his vehicle but then they had to use the male to help lure the female, as she was attracted by smelling him (all the food and treats were gulped up but she'd scamper out of reach anytime there was an attempt to lasso her). Once at the veterinary office, they were examined, female treated for pain (injury to carpus) and started on eye medication (female's vision impaired due to eye issues), had some foxtails removed from their ears and fed a bunch of food. They were walked and interacted with many times throughout the day. The vet's held them for 2 days as the Forest service had already contacted Ventura Animal Control BEFORE they were even captured and made previous arrangements with them.
3:14 p.m., Saturday Aug. 9

Reply to Sarah

Their A#s are:

A603602 (male)

Pet Harbor link for male:

A603603 (female)

Pet Harbor link for female:

Ventura County Animal Services


Please share this story in hopes that someone will adopt or rescue this beautiful pair.

EXCEPTION: The volunteers and representatives of VCAS have noted en masse the shelter is completely no kill and these dogs according to volunteers and staff will definitely be saved.

For a shelter to not kill any animals is amazing. We should all learn from Ventura County Animal Services how to save every dog, every cat and every small animal.

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