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Louisiana sinkhole 'volcanic eruptions', 'explosions' explained

A new scientific study report published by Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) shows seismic events at the historic sinkhole are similar to those produced by explosions and active geothermal and volcanic environments.

Corporate government keeps Louisiana Sinkhole disaster out of media
Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal continues dodging his disastrous oil/gas industry-created 35-acre sinkhole and resultant forgotten 350 energy refugees, research report co-authors Douglas Dreger and Avinash Nayak have been evaluating data recorded by the seismic network during the 24-hour period before the sinkhole was discovered.

They implemented a waveform scanning approach to continuously detect, locate and analyze the source of the seismic events at the sinkhole, that are located to the salt dome’s edge and above and to the west of the collapsing Texas Brine LLC cavern near the sinkhole.

“The point-source equivalent force system describing the motions at the seismic source (called moment tensor) showed similarities to seismic events produced by explosions and active geothermal and volcanic environments,” reports Phys.Org. ”But at the sinkhole, an influx of natural gas rather than hot magma may be responsible for elevating the pore pressure enough to destabilize pre-existing zones of weakness, such as fractures or faults at the edge of the salt dome.”

The report, Moment Tensor Inversion of Seismic Events Associated with the Sinkhole at Napoleonville Salt Dome, Louisiana, will be published online July 1, 2014, and published in the August print edition of BSSA.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jindal flies around the country campaigning for the oil and gas industry, for his possible nomination for president of the United States, and thus for more Americans to become energy refugees as he made 350 Bayou Corne residents become in 2012.

“It’s something I’m thinking about,” Jindal, 43, told The Des Moines Register in an interview in June. “It’s something I’m talking about with my wife and my family. It’s something I’m praying about.”

His unprecedented chemical mess in the bayous is never addressed in his presentations. Of the original 350 residents in the sinkhole region, only 25 presently live in the community, despite risks of the sinkhole that first appeared August 3, 2012.

Jindal’s mandatory evacuation remains in effect, explosive and carcinogenic gasses increasingly bubble in the bayous, and the over 30-acre sinkhole continues growing.

Pushing for the Christian votes, Jindal has agreed to speak on Aug. 9 at a summit of evangelical Christians hosted by the Family Leader, a social conservative group, his aides told the Register. That happens to be the first weekend of the Iowa State Fair, a magnet for White House wannabes.

“Million Dollar Oil Man” Jindal‘s prayers and appeal to evangelicals does not seem to be working.

He had the lowest favorable rating among the 11 possible 2016′ers — with only 35 percent having positive thoughts about him.

In terms of perceived electability, Jindal tied for seventh place among a list of oil and gas industry rights offenders, with U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. He trails New Jersey Gov. Christie Christie in first place, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in second, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tied in third, and, tied in fifth, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former vice presidential nominee and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Jindal has received over $1 million in campaign contribuions from oil and gas companies. Regardless of the number of deaths, dying, miscarriages etc. in his state due to hazardous oil and gas, he will promote fossil fuel industry agenda.

As Internet user max7771 has written, after reading about Jindal’s defending the fossil fuel industry, while people in his state suffer from oil and gas-related environmental causes, “Bobby Jindal needs to be prosecuted, not elected.

The giant explosive chemical-laced sinkhole governor says he’s proud of what he’s done.

“I’m proud of my track record, we’ve done a lot of things in our state,” Jindal told the Des Moines Register last month.

It would seemingly be more appropriate for him to say that “we’ve done a lot of things to our state.”

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