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Lou Ferrigno dead? Twitter hoax requires ‘Hulk’ star to debunk rumors

Lou Ferrigno is not dead. Star victim of cruel Twitter hoax
Photo by Beth Gwinn/Getty Images

Lou Ferrigno isn't dead and he hasn't been in a car accident. The popular actor who is best known for his role in the “Incredible Hulk” is now trying to debunk ridiculous rumors that he has died in a car accident. According to LALate on Wednesday, the actor saw the rumors started by a fake website link and took action by letting the fans know he was fine.

The fake news story has since been removed, but the information on Twitter has traveled fast with most fans not checking for accuracy. The hoax wasn't stopped until the star posted a video on his official Facebook account to assure fans he was fine, but it appears some people still wonder if the star is alive.

There are only a few fake story websites that offer capabilities to start Twitter hoaxes by false articles. Hopefully, the search engines like Bing, Google and even Yahoo will consider taking measures to prevent this hurtful and blatant spam to be spread online. At some people there has to be accountability to the celebrities and proper restitution offered after damaging their reputations as these lies are completely unprovoked.

The unfortunate situation has fans once again questioning how social media can forward, share and manipulate such an outrageous story before checking for accuracy. The star isn't the only celebrity that faces this type of Twitter hoax as Piers Morgan Jon Bon Jovi and even Bill Cosby have found themselves facing Twitter hoaxes.

While some celebrities laugh off the circumstances caused by rumors, the fans who love Lou Ferrigno aren't amused by this Twitter hoax. Searching social media, they found out where it was posted and got it removed. As for the rest of the fake information, people can only hope that fans let everyone know on social media that this was a Twitter hoax and nothing more.

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