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Lost dog Luka rescued by Modesto local

This is Luke before his grooming.
This is Luke before his grooming.
Angie Garcia

Angie Garcia, a Good Samaritan from Modesto, California, found a disheveled dog wandering around Turlock on June 23. She posted a call for help on, a private social network for your neighborhood, the next day:

“Just found another dog last night in the Turlock area by Golden State Blvd. Here is the picture, just in case. He is a pretty sweet dog.”

Though the dog looked in pretty bad shape, Angie received a good response from her neighbors.

Concerned citizens from northeast Modesto responded with suggestions on where to post pics of the lost pooch, questions regarding whether he was adoptable to avoid sending him to the pound, and a request to make sure Angie made a sufficient effort to find the owner before giving him away.

One neighbor had the great idea of posting the dog’s picture on the Home Again website if he was chipped.

Angie replied, “Once he warmed up, he became pretty friendly, sweet, and playful.

“He has been staying in my back yard and not barking too much, except that I feel he has been lonely and wants attention. So he barks a little after you go, but he’s pretty quiet overall.

“We drove him from the Turlock area to Oakdale and finally home to Modesto, and he was a great sport—-not fussy, nervous, or scared. I will gladly hand him over instead of take him to the pound.

“We’re going to the vet tomorrow to check if he’s chipped; I didn’t have a lot of time today, but did have enough time to post in several websites and make flyers that my parents will post around the area.

“I’m not giving him away or taking him to the pound until I make sure he’s not someone else’s dog first.”

At the vet the next day, she found out he was not chipped, so she could not post him on the Home Again website. She made an appointment for him to get his rabies shot so he could get groomed, and he was groomed on June 30. “He looks adorable. No more mop hair.” See the attached before-and-after pics.

On July 1, Angie wrote, “From probably not being able to keep him long, we still have him, lol. The dog was taken to get shots and now to the groomer. He also had a good teeth-cleaning. He looks so much better.

“I’m still checking sites to see if anyone is looking for him, but no luck, so we are still trying.

“If we don’t find his owner, I guess we are moving closer to having him be adopted if anyone is willing to give him a very loving home (good with other dogs and small children).”

Things were quiet on her post on, until she gave this update today: “No owners ever showed … so finally we took him to the pound.

“They said he had automatically become ours after so long and so, instead of surrendering him to the pound, Luka is the newest member of our family.

“My parents decided to keep him. We just went to the animal shelter to license him, get him chipped, and neuter him yesterday.”

Good lookin’ out, Angie. That is how it's done. Your family is part of what makes Modesto a positive place to live.


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