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Lose at least 3 Pounds a Week, With This Easy Watermelon Diet Plan!

Watermelon, a healthy snack, that even your kids will love!
Watermelon, a healthy snack, that even your kids will love!

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to help your family lose weight and get healthier; all you have to do is eat more watermelon, cut out fats and exercise. You will begin to see the results after the first day! It’s really that easy, and this is how you do it!

The good news is that you don’t have to count calories to lose weight. Forget about all those fancy expensive diets and weight loss plans. The only thing you have to know, and the secret that they are not telling you is that the majority of calories are located in the fat content of food, and that when you learn to replace fat with fiber, the weight comes off naturally. It’s really that easy! Just by changing your diet and replacing fat with fruit, while exercising, the weight will begin to come off. While any fruit will do, watermelon is the fruit of choice because you get a lot more for your dollar as compared to other fruits, and having it readily available is the key to success. Watermelon also has the ability to hold more water making you feel fuller, with very little calories. But before you can begin changing your diet and your life, you must first know what it is you are eating in order to change it.

Locating the foods with fat content is easy. The golden rule is that anything creamy contains fat content, and the creamer it is, the more fat it contains. So foods like icecream, gravies, sandwich spreads, butter and processed cheese would obviously be high in fat. Even drinks such as milk contain a high amount. There are some exceptions however, such as jello and yogurt which are good for you. Then you have fried foods such as chips, french fries and donuts. Try to avoid anything fried in grease. Don’t forget the hidden fats, which don’t seem like fat at all but turn into fats in your body. These are foods that contain high amounts of sugar and flour. Foods like pop, candy, cookies, cakes and white bread. Some foods contain all of these attributes plus high amounts of salt. Read your labels and throw these foods in the trash! Even diet soft drinks are harmful because of their high salt content, they tend to make you crave more foods and drinks!

Now you’re probably thinking, if all these foods are bad then what can you eat? It’s impossible to give all of these things up, because as we all know, it’s everywhere. So the idea of the Watermelon Diet is to replace a lot of the fat you eat with fiber, which has the opposite effect of fats, sugar and flours. Not only will this new diet help you to lose weight, but it will also make you healthier!

The Watermelon Diet will clean out your system, clearing your body of toxins that cause disease. These toxins build up in your body in the form of fat cells, after years of putting these harmful pollutents into your body. After eating so much of this, your body cannot keep up with the removal process and the fat begins to build, clogging arteries and causing organs to malfunction. Too much sugar and fat over the years leads to obesity, high blood pressusre and diabetes. Fat build up also causes heart disease, liver disease, kidney failure and cancer. And a sluggish system filled with toxins can be the leading contributer to depression. But no matter what your age, changing your eating habits now, can turn your life around.

How the Watermelon Diet works!

The idea is to become aware of how much fat your family eats in a day. Do they eat donuts or eggs and bacon with toast covered with butter for breakfast? Do they eat potato chips, cookies and icecream for snacks? Do they eat hot dogs and baloni for lunch on white bread smothered with mayonaise? Do they eat greasy deep fried french fries and burgers for supper? So the idea is to cut out as much fat as you can from whatever you eat in the coarse of the day. An idea is to limit yourself to one fatty meal a day and 1 fatty snack a day, keeping 2 main meals nutritionally balanced and the rest of your snack choices healthy. For example, for breakfast, boiled eggs on whole wheat toast with a teaspoon of butter or mayonaise with lettuce and tomato. For lunch, ham sandwich on whole wheat toast, a glass of lowfat milk and a chef salad. And for supper eat whatever you like, while substituting some fat, sugar and salt here and there. Allow one fatty snack a day such as icecream, milkshake or cake etc. But all other snacks should be watermelon or some other fruit. Eat the melon as you get hungry, between meals. Try eliminating soft drinks that contain high sugar content. Introduce bottled water, flavored water, tea or sports drinks and juice as an alternative. 1 glass a milk for lunch as a rule is plenty enough. Getting your kids used to chilled bottled water, even if you fill it from the sink is the best alternative in forming healthy habits. But if you must, adding just a teaspoon of sugar to any single sized serving bottle or cup of tea or coffee, will not hurt a thing! Adding a teaspon is recommended for those cutting out a lot of sugar, (going cold turkey on all sugary foods) as everyone must have a little sugar in the body daily in order to balance blood sugar levels. People with diabetes however, should consult a physician before cutting out sugar.

Watermelon works great for snacks because it’s affordable. You can get a lot of watermelon for the money as compared to other fruits. Take a section and cut into small pieces and put into single serving sized containers and place in the refrigerator, so it is readily available for a quick snack. You should put just enough in each container that a family member will eat in a single setting, while keeping any good looking sugary, fatty type sweets out of sight, out of mind until the time comes that was set aside to eat it.

Now that you have the eating habits back on track, remember that exercise is just as important because raising your heart rate with exercise for as little as 20 minutes a day, helps the body clean arteries and burn fat! The rule for exercise is that you need at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise a day. This means working up a sweat for 20 minutes, or if you chose to do non vigorous exercise, such as walking, then you need 40 minutes a day. Also drink as many glasses of water as you can daily, especially while eating the melon!

The combination of switching out fats for fibers and exercise should give you results of losing at least ½ pound per day or 3 ½ pounds per week! There's nothing set in stone when it comes to this plan it's all about knowing what to eat, and sticking to the plan that brings about the results.

Working this plan takes practice and patience. After all, you are going to have to do some experimenting, coming up with new menu ideas, but after a while, you will get the hang of it. And as you stick with it, you will see that, very soon, you and your family will be on your way to living a slimmer, healthier, and happier life! So give this diet a try, even if you have never succeeded before, because this plan really works! After all, there's nothing else to lose but the weight! You will be amazed at the amount of energy you will gain, and at how much better you will feel!


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