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Los Lunas kitten thrown from vehicle into a concrete wall recovering

Who can even imagine the kind of person cruel enough to fling an eight-week-old defenseless kitten from a moving vehicle into a concrete block wall? Tragically, that is what happened to Sam, a little white kitten from Los Lunas, New Mexico who just may have used up a few of his nine lives a little over a week ago according to the

When Sam first came into the clinic, hospital staff had hoped to save his broken leg.
Bosque Animal Clinic
Sam's left front leg had to be amputated, but the two-pound little blue-eyed cutie is doing great.
Bosque Animal Clinic

On July 30, an eyewitness and Good Samaritan spotted the passenger in a maroon or red GMC Sonoma pickup truck toss an object out of the vehicle's window into the cement wall along Camelot Avenue. When she saw the "object" move, the witness pulled over and found the injured kitten.

The kitten was taken to the Bosque Animal Clinic in Bosque Farms suffering from head trauma, a bloody nose, contusions and a broken left elbow. Poor little Sam was just infested with fleas; in most situations the two-pound kitten would have been humanely euthanized but another one of those "nine lives" chimed in, and the clinic's Facebook page posted the following:

"Dr. McKinney is helping a throwaway kitten that until now has had a rough start. Under other circumstances this kitten would probably have been euthanized due to the cruelty inflicted on it! She just couldn't put this baby down! What suckers we are!"

With words of hope the Bosque Animal Clinic added:

"The sad truth of the matter is we see sad cases like this on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. We don't fight for these critters for the attention (which in all honesty is quiet overwhelming) we fight for these critters because somebody has to! We work with multiple rescue groups routinely that fight this battle as well."

Unfortunately, little Sam's left leg had to be amputated, but the spunky little character is recuperating well; the staff have been working on his socialization skills who think the kitten may have been feral prior to this terrible event.

If you would like to contribute to Sam's recovery and add to the fund for other stray and emergency cases, please click here.

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Make sure you click here to watch Sam's video as this amazing kitten adjusts to his new tripod status without missing a paw swipe.

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