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Looking towards the horizon, career conquest

Do you know a high school student or young adult looking towards the horizon of his or her future? At a quick glance this up and coming generation doesn’t seem to serious about life but if you take a moment to talk to one of these students, you may be surprised to find there is an underlying anxiety.

Remember, it's about the journey more so than the destination.
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At this young age, money seems to be the thrust of their career conquest with an idea that they should like what they are going to be doing. Most, because they are in the “give me” generation and haven’t been accustom to hearing the word no, are frustrated with the thought of starting at the bottom and having to climb a career ladder. The grunt work of past generations seems to be a bit below these teenagers although, with a little life experience, a humbling process takes place and adjusts this mindset.

Think about someone stepping into college today and attempting (with an emotionally immature mind) to figure out what career choice can weather today’s economy in order to secure a job that supports a highly comfortable lifestyle; sounds pretty stressful doesn’t it?

Whether you are a young adult or someone navigating the waters of career transition by starting over, I believe, if you are following your gut instinct by tapping into and enhancing your God given talent, you are on the right career path. Anxiety may be causing static in your life, or mixed feelings but this is just a fear of failure shadowing your future light. Careers are fluid, you can adjust them to shape your ever-evolving mind and if you view education as a life-learning endeavor, you will overcome any mental blocks causing decision anxiety.

I don’t believe in career path mistakes and, if you set timing aside, you’ll realize whatever you are going to school for, you’ll be able to apply some aspect of this learning experience to better your life. If you view your career decision, at age twenty, as shooting an arrow into the direction of a target, even if you don’t hit the target, you are gaining immensely from your effort. Later, as you find your footing in this arena, you can sharpen your arrow, adjust your sights and give it another shot.

I think the best thing someone can do, at the point of initiating a career choice, is to understand his or her passion (what activity gifts joy) and then use school to expand on some aspect of this activity. Work hard on your education, the other pieces of this puzzle will fall into place as you gain momentum forward!

I’ll leave you with the words of Andrea Bocelli, “A career is like a house: it's made of many bricks, and each brick has the same value, because without any one of them, the house would collapse.”

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