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Loch Ness Monster: Apple Maps sighting generates new interest

Has the Loch Ness Monster been spotted on Apple Maps>
Has the Loch Ness Monster been spotted on Apple Maps>
Daveahern/Wikimedia Commons

A Loch Ness Monster sighting on Apple Maps is generating new buzz about the creature on the Internet. There are still many that don't believe that this creature even exists, but this new satellite image is making some believe that the monster is real. On April 18, Daily Mail shared the satellite image that many claim shows off the large creature just below the surface of the water.

When with this image snapped? The image is about six months old. During that time, it has been investigated, and it is now believed to be Nessie, which is the nickname given to the creature. The image shows a large creature that is about 50 feet long. The creature also has two large flippers. The image was shot south of Dores.

Members of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club have studied the image, and they do believe it is possibly the beast after ruling out other possibilities. Gary Campbell, the president of the club, confirmed the studies. It said the photo was first thought to be the wake of a boat, but there is no boat near by in the image. It is just clear that something large is under the water and swimming south.

This sighting was the first reported sighting of Nessie in over 18 months. The Loch Ness Monster had been quiet, but that long of a period of no sightings has not happened since 1925. This sighting was made by a man looking at satellite images near his home, but a second man also spotted the shape on the image. Andrew Dixon was one of the men to spot the image of Nessie.

What do you think? Is the shape in the image really the Loch Ness Monster?