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Local designers find inspiration for a cause in the Waldo Canyon Fire

Like so many people over the last few days, I have immersed myself into the internet in an effort to absorb as much current and up-to-date information as I could as the Waldo Canyon Fire blazed across El Paso and Teller Counties. I watch as social media timelines flowed through disbelief, anger, despair, shock, horror, and more as families, friends, and even complete strangers commented as the story has and continues to unfold.

Each shirt costs $20 and proceeds go to Care and Share and the Colorado Red Cross

Through all of it, though, echos one common theme: Support. Everyday people are eager to do what they can, whatever it might be, to help people as they struggle through the realities of what is going on and the struggles of what lies ahead.

One group of local designers have pooled together their talents in an effort to support communities throughout Colorado who are battling against this season's wildfires. Around noon on Wednesday, Wild Fire Tees hit the web, featuring eight designer t-shirts inspired by the spirit and fight that Coloradans have shown while staring down these fires the throughout the state over the last few weeks.

The mission of Wild Fire Tees is best described on their website:

We are designers who live in Colorado, love our home, and hate watching it burn.

We joined together to put our design skills to work in order to support the wildlife relief efforts in a way that far exceeds any individual check we could write.

The idea is simple: buy a shirt, give money to the relief effort, show your support for our beloved communities and the enduring spirit of Colorado residents currently living through fire.

100% or our proceeds will go to the Colorado wildfire relief efforts across the state.

More specifically, proceeds will be split in half between Care and Share Food Bank and the Colorado Red Cross.

As of now, the website is taking pre-orders for t shirts which should print and ship in mid-July.

Wild Fire Tees is also still looking for designers and artists who are willing to donate t-shirt designs for the website. Contributors are encouraged to send their work to Criteria is posted on the site.

As for me? You will find me proudly sporting my "C Fire" tee as soon as it comes in.


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