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Lisa Vanderpump hints ‘RHOBH’ smack down lingers on in next reunion show

Lisa Vanderpump has been unmercifully attacked on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and fans are bewildered and miffed that none of the other cast members have stepped in. If the first two installments were not enough of the browbeating, then the third reunion show is a must see. According to Lisa Vanderpump on Sunday the verbal attacks continue and this time her husband Ken is added to the list. According to Classicalite on Saturday, the feuding in the final episode is very intense between the cast members.

“And from what I am continues...” tweeted Lisa Vanderpump from her official Twitter account on Sunday morning. Fans were discouraged to hear the news as this has been a nonstop pounding.

What really is quite alarming about the reunion shows is how polarizing Lisa Vanderpump has become to the cast. Like her or not, it’s impossible to believe she makes all things in Beverly Hills happen. That’s not a cheap shot at Lisa either, it’s just reality that the ladies take so much notice of what she does that they blame her for the bad and forget she has little to do with their own lives.

At first it was amusing that Lisa Vanderpump had issues with the other ladies, but now it just seems terribly disappointing. It is doubtful that someone could hold so much power over a group of women who claim to have their own destiny in hand.

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