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Lil Debbie claims the ‘California Sweetheart’ crown at EP listening party

Lil Debbie debuts her EP "California Sweetheart"
Lil Debbie debuts her EP "California Sweetheart"

Lil Debbie, released her first EP “California Sweetheart” Tuesday, claiming her independence from her former crew White Girl Mob.

We all remember Debbie as Kreyshawn’s sidekick in the 2011 hit single “Gucci Gucci” music video. Since separating from the White Girl Mob, she has made a name for herself in the independent game. Droppin tracks like “Bitc***,” "DOLLABiLLGATES," and receiving massive heat from fans for her video "Ratchets" Lil Debbie is definitely keeping her name floating in the air.

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Her listening party couldn’t have been more of a Lil Debbie experience. The event was held at the 420 Treehouse in Los Angeles. Sandwich bags full of goodies filled the tables for the Prop 19 advocates. The bar was of course stocked with California Sweetheart mixed drinks and Debbies favorite malt liquor, Colt 45 (check out the commercial).

Debbie looks like a sweetheart, but her music is far from it. The first track “Pretty Muthafucka” sets the tone for the EP. The fun lyrics represent Debbie’s carefree lifestyle and showcase what type of threat she is to another artist.

The track “What it Look Like” is solid, with a lot of deep bass and hardcore lyrics about “pretty bit**** can die slow” which is enough to make anyone "jump on" your biggest hater. The “Slot Machine” song is more of a club get hype and drop it like it’s hot type of track. You will probably want to leave this track on repeat in your stereo.

Bottom line, "California Sweetheart" is a solid album. Going solo from the White Girl Mob was probably the best thing the Hip Hop sweetheart has done. We can’t wait to see what projects Lil Debbie has in store next. Check out the California Sweetheart EP on iTunes and visit the Lil Debbie website for more information on the up and coming underground artist.

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