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Think about how you want to spend your energy. It is an important commodity.
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Do you brighten the world as a lightworker or do you leave this effort for others in order to make your way? There are people who step up to challenge, face the shadow, push through it and then find and energize the light source beyond the darkness with their renewal. Then there are others who live dimly lit and attempt to renew their own light by absorbing the energy of others; some might call these people energy vampires. They most certainly are not lightworkers.

These individuals are used to the dark, and in a sick way, they almost feel at home there. It is just easier for others to do the work so why not jump on this bandwagon?

There is a difference between someone who strategically surrenders to the shadow, leans on his or her faith and accepts that the universe will work out the variables to gain momentum as apposed to someone who is complacent within this darkness.

If you are saddened because you’ve lost your vibrant reflection when you look in the mirror and you’re hiding in the shadows, you must figure out why. What are you afraid the light will surface? Whatever it is, I can guarantee many people in this world are suffering similar experiences. Shed light on your shame, guilt or regret as this will clear the cobwebs and offer clarity to make your own way. Accountability is fundamental to your new beginning.

If you are an energy vampire, you cannot continue to take from others; this well will run dry. You must understand that good and evil run hand and hand. Taking without giving, as a constant, is a characteristic of darkness but, if this is you, you can embrace a healthier world. Remember, without light a shadow doesn’t cast so if your life feels dark take the time to explore this dark place, allow your eyes to adjust and then bravely push forward to find the light. You can transition into lightwork with a leap of faith; it is just a matter of positive mindset. Go with and towards the light instead of stifling this therapeutic energy.

You are the common denominator to your problems. Take ownership, strive for a healthier you, strategize this change and allow the universe to make all of the necessary pieces fall into place!

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