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Lightning safety at Disney World

Storms can pop up out of now where in the Central Florida area, bringing heavy rains and a lot of lightning
Heather Leigh

Guests traveling on one of the Walt Disney World monorails were evacuated after the monorail lost power Sunday afternoon. This malfunction left more than 100 guests stranded in the air waiting for Disney to fix the cause and return power to the monorail tracks. When power could not immediately be restored, all of the guests were evacuated and brought to safety thanks to the efforts of Reedy Creek Fire Service.

According to Fox News, the Disney Parks have not confirmed what caused the power outage, however, several guests riding the monorail claimed they saw lighting strike the track just before it stopped operating. Since the Central Florida area is known for its abundance of lighting strikes throughout the summer months, it is a possibility that Mother Nature had something to do with Sunday’s failure.

The possible lightning strike over the weekend, brings to mind the dangers many visitors could potentially face if they are not careful when storms with lightning enter the Disney Resort area. Here are some tips to help ensure you and your family remain safe when the skies are filled with dark clouds and lightning.

  • Thunder: When you hear thunder, lightning is nearby too. Start keeping an eye out for lightning and be prepared to seek shelter.
  • Look for an enclosed building: Tents, covered walkways and trees are not an ideal place to seek shelter when lightning starts up. Go into a store or restaurant and wait the storm out. If there is no time to get to a building, head to the nearest bathroom for shelter.
  • Remain indoors for approximately 30 minutes after you hear the last sounds of thunder.
  • Get out of the pool and stay away from any sources of water.
  • Use your smartphone to keep up with the local weather and head back to the hotel when a storm is approaching.

Florida has one of the highest lightning strike percentages in the country. So the next time you plan to visit the Disney Resort area, be prepared and know what to do when a storm approaches. There are times when storms come out of no where, so know your surroundings and be prepared for anything at anytime.

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