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‘Life Without Parole for Cannabis’: Jeff Mizanskey’s life in Missouri prison

Between 1984 and 1994 Jeff Mizanskey was found guilty of three marijuana felonies, but the last court hearing held in Missouri, he was found carrying about 6 pounds of cannabis and landed him a verdict of life without parole. Since then, he has joined as many prison work programs as possible, and has exhausted all appeals available to the parole board. Riverfront times reported July 21, a fundraiser was created to move forward with an ad campaign to make a vocal plea for Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to pardon Mizanskey.

The new campaign funds will help create a media frenzy to help educate the governor, his counsel and his staff regarding the entire case, and why clemency should be given. So far, the campaign has raised enough funds to rent a huge billboard next to Highway 70, which reads, “It’s time we fix our unjust marijuana laws,” with a photo of Mizanskey.

Gov. Nixon might be a hard nut to crack. Since 2014, seven clemency petitions have been denied, all of which include cases of multiple murders with intent, rape, and other heinous crimes. According to, Gov. Jay Nixon has not “granted” any pardons, but has given a single “act of mercy,” which spared the life of a convicted murder.” Is possible the governor might have a change of heart and grant Jeff Mizanskey clemency, and free him from serving life without parole, because of marijuana charges over 21 years ago?

According to Daily RFT, Jeff Mizanskey’s original fundraiser creator is Aaron Malin, and assisting Malin is Mike Mizanskey, Jeff’s brother. Family members are helping with this campaign as much as possible to spread the word. They find it very hard to believe their loved one, busted three times on marijuana charges, is serving life without parole. Mizanskey is hopeful the governor will recognize 21 years incarcerated on marijuana charges does not pair well with the new political and legal changes occurring across the country with marijuana laws since his sentencing.

The United States now has 23 states that allow medical marijuana and two that have legalized recreational use. According to the fundraiser’s information, “the prosecutor who sent Mizanskey to prison for life now believes he should be released, and sent a letter asking Gov. Nixon to grant him clemency; he believes Jeff has paid his debt to society.”

The ‘Free Jeff Mizanskey Campaign’ to date has 12 percent of the $21,000 goal, and with 35 days left supporters hope the amount will be met before the online fundraiser closes on Aug. 26.

Do you think Jeff Mizanskey, a prisoner serving life without parole on three counts of pot charges should receive clemency from the Governor of Missouri?

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