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Libya’s unregistered Monitor Group lobbyist owns $4.5 million mansion

Libyan lobbyist Mark Fuller owns $4.5 million mansion
Libyan lobbyist Mark Fuller owns $4.5 million mansion

Mark Fuller, the recently resigned CEO of Monitor Group, must have gotten a fat paycheck while working for the controversial consulting company. Fuller lives in a $4.5 million mansion in the posh Belmont Hill neighborhood of a Boston suburb.

Assessor's photo of an older wing of Libyan lobbyist Mark Fuller's mansion
Town of Belmont

Monitor Group has been getting some unwanted attention over its unregistered lobby work for Muammar Khadafy’s regime in Libya. The Cambridge, Massachusetts company recently admitted not registering as a Foreign Agent while working for Libya from 2006 to 2008.

Monitor Group has belatedly registered its foreign lobby work with the Department of Justice following disclosures of work for Khadafy in the news media. The tardy registration forced the secretive Libyan lobbyist to reveal his home address.

Mark Fuller’s estate in a wooded, idyllic neighborhood, visited by deer and flocks of wild turkeys, is a sharp contrast with the bombed out compound in Tripoli of Fuller’s most infamous client, Muammar Khadafy.

Assessed at $4,533,000, Fuller’s mansion boasts ten bathrooms and a new deluxe swimming pool on the landscaped grounds. After a hard day at the office advising a dictator on how to run his secret police operations a few laps in the backyard pool is just the thing to unwind.

Fuller didn’t actually get to advise Khadafy on restructuring Libya’s security forces because Monitor Group didn’t get that contract. However, according to a recent WikiLeaks document, at least one of Monitor Group’s proposals had been implemented by Libyan security forces.

Monitor Group made a detailed series of recommendations to Khadafy’s regime on its secret police and Libya apparently implemented at least one proposal without paying Fuller’s company.

Mark Fuller’s mansion is several blocks away from Mitt Romney’s residence while governor of Massachusetts. The surrounding neighborhood is quiet and private. A nearby Audubon Sanctuary keeps the wildlife around and adds to the beauty of the wooded area of town.

The Belmont mansion was built in 1920 and has been improved by Fuller with the addition of a three-car garage wing and a large swimming pool and patio complex. The beautiful landscaped grounds are kept well manicured and are a world away from the rubble and debris of Libya’s war-torn cities where Khadafy is waging a desperate battle to cling to power.

If the Justice Department decides to prosecute Monitor Group for violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act over its Libyan lobbying, the newly retired CEO might have to trade his comfortable roomy mansion for a somewhat smaller federal jail cell.

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