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Liberals on Twitter call for civil war if Romney wins election

 A woman is accompanied by her dog as she casts her vote on November 6, 2012 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A woman is accompanied by her dog as she casts her vote on November 6, 2012 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

On Monday, several liberals on Twitter called for a second civil war if Romney wins the election.

"Romney win imma start civil war part 2 (sic)," one person threatened.

"If Romney win second civil war (sic)," wrote "PaperRouteGang."

"Vote for Mitt Romney... It'll better our chances to start a civil war," added "Gary."

"So many people in my grade want Romney to win tomorrow i feel like starting a civil war in just my town (sic)," tweeted "Jess."

A number of users expressed concern that a Romney victory would spark a civil war.

"Lady in the polling line say if romney win its gone b a civil war (sic)," added "Randy."

"[I]f Romney wins the d**n government will collapse and the military will take over and it'll be the civil war times 5 (sic)," one person predicted.

On Monday, Twitchy reported that a number of Obama supporters on Twitter "are taking the occasion of Election Day eve to indulge in fantasies (we hope) of gun violence."

"Goin buy a gun tommorow Cus if Romney win I ain't goin out without a fight (sic)," one person wrote.

"This n***a said he voting for Romney *cocks gun* lmao (sic)," another said.

"If Mitt Romney win get ya gun game up (sic)," added "Yae Yae Trees."

"Frantically i grabbed my gun and shot Mitt Romney. Obama chuckled and grabbed my hand and we were off (sic)," wrote "Becky Gardner."

One tweet posted by Twitchy called for Romney to be raped with a double-barreled shotgun.

"Prime examples of why I stopped being a Democrat a few years ago. Thanks kids for reminding me I made an excellent decision," one commenter wrote at Twitchy.

Throughout the campaign, liberals on Twitter have engaged in a relentless campaign of hate that has included numerous threats to murder Romney should he win.

Liberals on Twitter have also called for riots and threatened to commit acts of domestic terrorism should Romney win.



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