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Liberals call for burning Hobby Lobby after Supreme Court decision

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that companies with religious objections may opt out of covering contraceptives for women, the Associated Press reported. The news did not sit well with pro-abortion liberals who decried the ruling. Some, Twitchy said, were so angry they called for burning down Hobby Lobby in violent, profane tweets.

Liberals demand burning Hobby Lobby after Supreme Court says they do not have to provide contraception under Obamacare.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

"[L]iterally burn hobby lobby (sic) to the ground," one pro-abortion liberal screamed on Twitter.

"I hope all your stores burn to the ground," another person said.

"#HobbyLobby are scum of the earth. Burn every single one down, build a homeless shelter there instead," a third person said.

Not everyone called for scorched-earth tactics against Hobby Lobby, but a number expressed anger with the ruling.

"Is Hobby Lobby now authorized to sterilize these women? What the hell are they talking about?" one person asked. The answer, of course, is no, Hobby Lobby is not allowed to sterilize women, but "closely held" corporations like Hobby Lobby are not required to pay for contraception if they have deeply-held religious views against it. According to the AP, the ruling only applies to those companies controlled by just a few people where there is basically no difference between the company and its owners.

"[W]ell, #HobbyLobby, I guess you've seen the last of me," another person said on Twitter. Others also called for a boycott of Hobby Lobby.

Contraception, the AP added, is one of the "preventive services" Obamacare says must be provided at no extra charge. The Supreme Court upheld that law two years after it was signed. At the time, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the administration, but joined the majority in Monday's ruling.

Many claimed the ruling means women cannot obtained contraception, but the Twitter account SCOTUSblog said not so fast.

"Don’t overread Hobby Lobby. The Court makes clear women can still get coverage and it isn’t opening the door wide to religious claims," SCOTUSblog tweeted. "Under the Hobby Lobby decision, the government can pay for the coverage itself so that women receive it."

But that was little consolation for one person who claimed that "Revolution is coming."

"It won’t be televised here," SCOTUSblog responded on Twitter.

The majority opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito, the AP said. The four liberal justices voted against Hobby Lobby. The AP also noted the ruling is the first time the court has said a for-profit company can hold religious views under federal law.

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