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Liberals attack mother whose baby lost heart doctor under Obamacare

Baby loses heart doctor under Obamacare.
Baby loses heart doctor under Obamacare.
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On Monday, Twitchy reported that a mother whose baby lost her pediatric cardiologist came under fire from liberals on Twitter. Holly Fisher mentioned it in response to a message by Democrat strategist Donna Brazile, who hailed Obamacare in another tweet.

"Can we finally agree that Obamacare is working?" Brazile asked.

"I'm guessing you haven't lost your doctor?" Fisher asked in response. "I lost my plan AND my doctor."

A few days earlier, Fisher said in another tweet that her tolerance level for anyone supporting Obamacare "is officially at 0."

"I despise you," she added.

Fisher wasn't finished, and noted that her baby daughter had also lost her heart doctor. She blamed Barack Obama, since he signed the bill into law. This didn't sit too well with some on the left.

"Thanks, @BarackObama, for causing her to lose her cardiologist. Her name is Norah, not that you care," she tweeted. The vast majority of those responding expressed their condolences and hoped things would work out for the child. Some, however, responded with the vitriol that has become the hallmark of the left.

"[N]ot his fault. U should get a job and pay for it yourself instead of taking selfies all day. I feel bad for u tbh," one person said in response. Fisher said she does work and pays for her own insurance.

Others chimed in, defending Obama and his signature healthcare law. One person, however, went overboard, telling Fisher it was good that her daughter lost her doctor.

"Good, I'm glad she did. one less conservative underling to worry about. Have a nice life," said Twitter user "Alexa."

Alexa, however, wasn't quite finished, and went on to prove that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.

"Conservatives aren't human to me. they're (sic) subhuman scum with no hearts or souls," she added. "Talking about a snot nosed brat that will be raised to be a hater of anyone who isn't white and straight."

Alexa later chose to delete her tweets, and her profile is not visible as of this writing. Her hatred, however, did not go unnoticed.

"Check @pnthrldy to view the dark, sick, hate-filled mind of a liberal," tweeted radio talk show host Neal Boortz, who said there are "tens of thousands" like her on Twitter.

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